white house: White House calls Russian moves on Ukraine an invasion

The White House on Tuesday began referring to the deployment of Russian troops in eastern Ukraine as an “invasion” after initially hesitant to use the term – a red line that President Joe Biden has called, whose As a result the US would impose severe sanctions against Moscow. Several European leaders said earlier in the day that Russian troops had moved into rebel-held areas in eastern Ukraine after Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized their independence – but some indicated that it was far too long. Apprehensive, there was no full attack.

But the White House signaled a change in its position.

“We think this is, yes, the beginning of an invasion, Russia’s latest invasion of Ukraine,” said chief deputy national security adviser John Finer. He said the “latest” was important. “An invasion is an attack and that’s what’s going on.”

According to a US official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations, the White House decided to start referring to Russia’s actions as an “aggression” because of the situation on the ground.

The administration initially opposed the deployment of troops because the White House wanted to see exactly what Russia was going to do. The official said that after assessing the movements of the Russian army, it became clear that this was a fresh attack.

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