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Vijay Babu sexual harassment case: Kerala Police registers case against Malayalam actor and producer Vijay Babu for an alleged sexual assault. The Ernakulam South Police has registered a case on the complaint of a woman. According to the police, the complaint was received on April 22. The complainant has alleged that Vijay Babu sexually assaulted her in a flat in Kochi. He alleged in the complaint that the accused repeated the offense more than once. The complaint states that Vijay Babu committed the crime on the pretext of offering roles in films to the victims. The complainant is a resident of Kozhikode district.Also read- Ankit Siwach shared the experience of casting couch, said – asked to send pictures without clothes

Vijay Babu denies sexual harassment allegations

However, the police have neither questioned nor arrested Vijay Babu so far. Instead, Vijay denied the sexual harassment allegations against him on his Facebook Live. Claiming that he was writing “a new chapter in #metoo”, Vijay Babu repeatedly named the female actor in his Facebook Live on Wednesday midnight. Disclosure of the identity of victims of certain offenses (including sexual) is punishable by law. However, Vijay Babu said that he is ready to face the consequences. He was set to go public with screenshots of a conversation he had with the actor, with whom he was associated for a Malayalam film, which he produced. Also read: EU wants ‘verifiable evidence’ of tennis player Peng Shuai’s safety | tennis news

“I haven’t done anything wrong. I am a victim of this. The so called law of this country protects him and he is at ease while I am the only victim. I will file defamation and counterclaim. It will be no small matter. I will him Will not let go away so easily. I can share all the evidence with me but I will not because I don’t want to harm his family”, Vijay Babu said. Also Read – Anurag Kashyap’s Daughter Alia Reveals How MeToo’s Allegations Hurt Her: ‘It Makes Me Worry’

“I am accountable only to my wife, mother, sister and friends. And I don’t want it to end with a short piece of news saying, ‘Vijay Babu found not guilty’, said the 45-year-old. “I did not speak to him between 2018 and 2021. She came for an audition and got her role. They all talk about casting couch and is me who suffers. He started sending messages saying that he was sad. from December to March. I have all his messages, and over 400 screenshots. Whatever allegations he has, rape or consent, I have all the records,” concluded Vijay Babu.

Netizens slam Vijay Babu after revealing survivor’s name

Social media users trolled Vijay Babu and called him one of the examples of toxic masculinity. One Twitter user said, “Just found out about the most disgusting Facebook Live ever. A filmmaker named Vijay Babu has been accused of rape. The survivor went to the police and as far as I know, his There is also a medical record of the injuries. However this guy does a FB live saying I want to reveal his name”. He continued, ‘I’m not going to tell you what happened after that. I’ll take it to court I will say. I have the answer to everything, be it rape or consent. I will file a counter case against it. Also a defamation case will be filed.”

In 2017, producer Sandra Thomas filed a assault complaint against Vijay Babu. Again, he had taken to Facebook claiming the allegations to be fake.

Vijay is the founder of Friday Film House which is a film production company. He won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Children’s Film (as Producer) for Phillips and The Monkey Pain.

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