Vedanta boss reveals how he won over 2 American founders to crack a business deal in the US

What goes into making a successful man? Patience? Sure. determination? Absolutely!

But the secret material is “human touch”, Vedanta Resources Ltd chairman Anil Agarwal revealed in an exclusive post on LinkedIn as part of his weekly feature.

Giving a short flashback to his time in America, the 68-year-old was researching one of the largest manufacturers of jelly-filled cables based in Essex. The American company, run by CEO Fred Ginger and CFO Chris Rudd, recently closed one of its many plants in the district.

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The business tycoon realized that it would take eight years for India to get a telephone line. He wanted to capitalize on this untapped market. “I saw a difference in the Indian market, and decided to set up a plant in India,” he wrote.

Although they had to return to India, they kept trying to find a way to contact and talk to Zinzer and Rudd.

After spending two years making ends meet, Agarwal packed his bags and flew to the US accompanied by Narayana Swamim, a bright chartered accountant and an excellent negotiator.

During this time, Agarwal and Swami shared a room and had one meal a day which was mostly sandwiches or falafel from the street.

The American founders refused to sell their plant to Agarwal for the meeting, but the businessman didn’t lose hope. He had a secret weapon in his arsenal – making a bond.

“In my 10-year struggle, I learned that before you try to win business deals, you first need to win over people,” he wrote in his LinkedIn post.

Agarwal began meeting the founding-duo frequently, and started chatting about his life, family, and love for India. He never mentioned his deal again. Over time, Agarwal shared that he managed to change his mind and buy the plant at an affordable price. Zinger and Rudd also offered to help him set up a plant in India.

He shared, “He saw my passion for my country and even offered to help me set up the plant in India.”

The billionaire owner was able to conquer the American founders with perseverance, determination and a special human connection.

He said, “I have learned that with perseverance, human touch and determination you can achieve anything. No matter how difficult things may be, you should always try once again and try with all your heart. ”

The businessman also shared a bit about his family life in the US in his post.

Agarwal said he was grateful to his wife, who was pregnant with their daughter Priya at the time, and that his parents supported him through the most difficult years of his life.

He also revealed that he was struggling to meet basic maternity expenses during that time.

Despite financial and work struggles, Agarwal said the birth of her daughter in the US in 1989 was a blessing to the family. He said that the initial success of his company was around the time of the birth of his daughter Priya, which gave him a lot of courage.

“Though America was tough, I’ll never forget that country… It felt scary to be away from home in Parka Towers, Queens, New York, but the birth of Priya was a blessing to us,” he shared.

“This courage took me back to my homeland, India, where I was determined to change things for the better,” he said.

This February, Agarwal started a weekly feature on his personal and professional life on the social media platform. During his weekly updates, he has shared about coming to Mumbai to start his career, financial struggles, entrepreneurial ambitions among other things.

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