Varun Sood’s Father Supports Divya Agarwal’s Decision: ‘It’s Life, No Negativity For Her’ – Pen 18

Divya Agarwal-Varun Sood breakup: Soon after Divya Agarwal announced her split from Roadies fame Varun Sood, fans started doubting Varun’s character as they wanted to know the reason behind their breakup. On Sunday night, Divya Agarwal slammed netizens for speaking nonsense. He wrote on Twitter, “Dare anyone to say anything about Varun’s character.. Not every separation is because of character! He’s an honest man! It’s my decision to be single! Don’t have a right! It takes a lot of strength to make such decisions in life! Respect”. At the same time, Varun shared a reaction post. He tweeted a picture that read, “Forever and forever.”Also Read – ‘He Will Always Be My Best Friend’: Divya Aggarwal Parties With Boyfriend Varun Sood

Varun Sood’s father replied to his post and tweeted, “Respect Divya’s decision. You both loved each other. U still do. this is life. I don’t have any negativity for him. She was and will be my unfiltered affection and care. Cherish your time together and wish him luck and god speed in life. Mom and I do. Rock on.” This left netizens even more confused. One fan wrote, “Looks like their family is the reason behind this breakup. Their tweet reads like they are waiting for this day. Whatever the reason, blame girl.” Everyone has to do the same.” Also Read – Exclusive: Asim Riaz on shooting his new song ‘Dur Hua’ with Divya Agarwal: ‘It was long overdue’

Divya informed everyone about her breakup through a social media post. Her post read, “Life is such a circus! Try to keep everyone happy, don’t expect anything to be true but what happens when self-love starts waning?? No, whatever with me I don’t blame anyone for what is happening… I think the work is done.. and it’s ok I want to breathe and live for myself it’s ok! I hereby formally declare I want to be on my own in this life and take my time to live the way I want to! No, decisions don’t always have to be big statements, excuses and reasons. It’s just my way out of it I really value and love all the happy moments spent with him. He is a great man! He will always be my best friend. Please respect my decision”. Also Read – Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin and Divya Aggarwal have a nasty Twitter fight, the former reminisces Salman Khan ridiculed them

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