Vanity Fair Italy Presents New Metaverse Project: MetaVanity – WWD – Pen 18

Vanity Fair goes meta: On the occasion of the Venice Biennale, which this year runs from Saturday to November 27, Vanity Fair Italia is launching a project in the metaverse called “Metavanity”.

The project, in collaboration with Valuart, is inspired by the historic Pantheon in Rome, with a central location topped by an open dome, as in the original Roman monument, and 12 exhibition areas where users can enjoy a variety of experiences. For example, by downloading the free app Hadam, visitors will be able to move freely between artworks and interact in a creative and unusual way in an apparently traditional cultural environment.

Vanity Fair’s new Metaverse project: MetaVanity.
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Vanity Fair’s meta space will include 19 works from well-known artists in the international digital and crypto art scene such as Max Papeschi; Emanuel Dascanio; Cassimondo; Matt Kane; SkyGolpe; coldy; Jesse Drexler; Federico Klapis; Edo Bertoglio; Mimmo Dabresia; neurocolor; Bielis; Fabio Giampietro; Wills; Kyle Kemmink; Luna Ikuta; Dangiuz; Gamatress, and Stefano Conteiro.

“In this space, where creativity knows no bounds, Vanity Fair will always celebrate all the excellence, uniqueness and stories told in its pages, on its website, on its social channels,” said Simone Marchetti, editor-in-chief of Vanity. Fair Italy. “This exhibition is only the beginning, a prelude to a work that seeks to be the frontier of a new development of experience, knowledge, information and entertainment.”

This isn’t the first time Vanity Fair Italia is experimenting with the new digital world.

In 2021, the magazine offered an NFT cover dedicated to Italian pop-singer Elodie; In February 2022, with the introduction of Vanity Player One, Vanity Fair created the first incarnation of the newspaper starring in a fashion shoot, which also implemented interaction from readers, who could play it on their smartphones.

“With MetaVanity, Vanity Fair is able to fully embrace the constitutional values ​​of the Cultural Revolution born from this moment,” said Ethan Jannini, CEO and cofounder of Valuart. “This has allowed us to host some of today’s most exceptionally creative minds, freeing them to work in full respect of their history and become the life of a container that encompasses everything but The free experience in the ether and the way for the visitor to give.”

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