uttarakhand news: Soon, stringent regulations on sale, purchase of land in Uttarakhand likely

To prevent outsiders from buying land, Uttarakhand may soon have new and stricter laws regulating the sale and purchase of land, especially in the hills, similar to Himachal Pradesh.

A committee constituted last year to recommend amendments to land laws is likely to submit its recommendations to the state government in about 10 days.

“We had sought reports from all the district magistrates on the sale and purchase of land in their areas. Some reports have already arrived and the rest will come in a day or two. We expect to submit our recommendations in this matter to the state government in a day or ten, Subhash Kumar, chairman of the panel and former chief secretary, told PTI.

He said that most of the people are in favor of strict land laws on the lines of Himachal Pradesh to regulate the sale and purchase of land, especially in hilly areas.

Laws in Himachal Pradesh limit the amount of land that can be purchased by outsiders.

“Though we have not yet studied the reports of the District Magistrates and formulated our recommendations, we are of the view that the sale and purchase of land should not be done randomly. Certain limits and conditions should be imposed on those who buy land in Uttarakhand, but then, too much regulation discourages investors from outside,” Kumar said.

He recalled that when ND Tiwari was the chief minister, there were some restrictions on the sale and purchase of land, but subsequent governments liberalized them.

In 2018, the limit on purchase of land by outsiders in the state was completely removed and collectors had the discretionary power to authorize the purchase of land, he said.

“There is a need to strike a balance. We do not want the mountain people to become landless, but investment is also needed for industrialization and job creation.

Ajendra Ajay, a member of the committee, said that the district magistrates were asked to give details about the parcels of land sold and the purpose for which they were sold.

“There are instances where land was bought for setting up a medical college, but a hotel was built instead,” he said.

“There has been a large-scale purchase of agricultural land by non-agriculturists from outside the state. This must stop,” Ajay, who wrote to the chief minister last year alleging rapid demographic change in the hilly regions of the state, said.

“It is a border state. We share border with two countries (China and Nepal). It is also a state where major Hindu pilgrimage centers are located. The changing demographics of the hills do not bode well for us.

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