US urges India to use influence with Russia after ‘abstain stain’

The United States is using its influence with Russia to defend a rules-based international order from India, after New Delhi’s mixed disappointment with Washington not coming to full and outspoken support of the Western Coalition’s views on the Ukraine issue. urging to do.

Asked whether the Ukraine crisis has affected India-US relations in the context of New Delhi’s good relations with both Russia and the US, State Department spokesman Ned Price told Washington about India’s relations with Moscow. expressed an understanding of what is “different” with America.

But, he said, the US shares with India its “enthusiastic belief that countries around the world, particularly those countries with the Russian Federation, have the level of influence, influence, leverage necessary to exercise good influence.” This is to protect the rules-based international order.”

Price said such a rules-based order has worked for the benefit of India, the United States, its European allies and the Russian Federation over the course of nearly 70 years.

The US suggestion for Indian intervention came even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to the leaders of Russia and Ukraine, to no avail.

Earlier, India, along with China and the United Arab Emirates, abstained from voting in a UN Security Council resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Russia. The development did not surprise the Biden administration, but there was some disappointment in the commentary on strategic issues that New Delhi had not recognized its “key power responsibilities”.

Richard said, “India is careful to avoid angering Putin at all costs, despite Russia’s relentless aggression, highlighting that Ukraine is unwilling to step up to major power responsibilities or be a trusted partner.” Disappointing as well as short-sighted given the rise of China,” Richard said. Haas, a former senior administration official.

There was much applause from India’s defenders, who opposed the US offensive, Ukraine’s own persistent vote against India at the UN, and the fact that Russia had on several occasions vetoed its veto at the UN to support New Delhi. have used.

Among the responses – “America’s caution, avoid angering Pakistan at all costs, despite Pakistan’s relentless aggression against the United States’ own troops in Afghanistan, the response highlights that this major power is unable to perform responsibilities.” Not ready for or whatever is trustworthy…”

While one critic dubbed the non-vote “stain-avoiding”, the Biden administration was more circumspect on the issue, noting that nearly every one of the eight points New Delhi made to explain its absence were Moscow’s. There was an implicit condemnation, instead, of the Western Coalition.

India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations TS Tirumurti said at the UNSC meeting, “It is a matter of regret that the path of diplomacy has been abandoned. We must return to it. For all these reasons, India chose to refrain from this proposal.” Is.” on Ukraine.

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