ukraine cyberattack: Ukrainian telecom company’s internet service disrupted by ‘powerful’ cyberattack

Ukraine’s state-run telecommunications company Ukrtelecom experienced internet service disruption on Monday following a “powerful” cyberattack, according to Ukrainian government officials and company representatives.

The incident is the latest hacking attack against Ukrainian Internet services since the invasion of Russian military forces in late February.

“Today, the enemy launched a powerful cyber attack against the IT-infrastructure of Ukrtelecom,” said Yuri Shchihol, chairman of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine. “The attack was repulsed. And now Ukrtelecom has the ability to begin restoring its services to customers.”

“At present, the attack has been repulsed, the provision of services has gradually resumed,” said Ukrtelecom spokesman Mikhail Shuranov.

Netblox, which monitors Internet service disruptions, posted on Twitter earlier on Monday that it saw “ongoing and rapid nation-level disruption” with “connectivity collapsing”.

A similar incident happened earlier this month with a small Ukrainian telecommunications company, Triolan, as previously reported by Forbes. That company suffered a hack that reset some internal systems, resulting in the loss of access for some local customers.

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Ukrtelecom said in a statement earlier in the day that there were “temporary difficulties with establishing new Internet sessions for Ukrtelecom customers.”

Russia called its action in Ukraine a “special military operation” to disarm and “deny” its neighbor. Kyiv and the West see this as an excuse for an unprovoked attack to try to topple Ukraine’s elected government.

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