Twitter Users Guess Eastpak Is Telfar’s Collaborator – WWD – Pen 18

Twitter users are speculating that Telfar’s secret collaboration is with Eastpack, the lifestyle brand that specializes in bags, backpacks, travel gear, and accessories.

A Telfar spokesperson said speculation intensified on Wednesday, but the official reveal would not happen until March 30, before the medium and large bag drop dates on March 31. A spokesman for Eastpac, a division of VF Corp., could not be reached.

As reported in WWD Wednesday, s. three sizes ofA circle bag is also being offered along with a quire shopper bag (small, medium and large). According to their description on Telfar’s website, they’re designed with hand straps woven in tactical nylon and adjustable padded shoulder straps.

As part of the mysterious nature of the release, Telfar’s site shows blurry images of the bag in photos, and a video teaser with blurry images and hints at the red logo.

After a drop in medium and large sizes on March 31st (with Ally’s disclosure on March 30th), small bags will drop on April 4th and circle bags will drop on April 8th. Small and circle bags will appear a few days before the drop. Prices range from $110 for a Circle bag to $198 for a larger shopper.

Customers are being given the opportunity to blindly pre-order these bags at 12PM EST this Friday, without the associate knowing.

Telfar’s Instagram has so far received 1,722 comments about the cryptic fall, ranging from “I can’t wait for the blurry Pixel Bag to drop,” to “great promotional teasers.” The video has been viewed 293,707 times.

Eastpac has collaborated with Neil Barrett, Liberty London, Havanas and Eternal. Telfar has collaborated with Ugg, Moose Knuckles, Converse and White Castle.

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