Tension prevails after BJP, Tipra Motha supporters clash in Tripura

Tension peaked on Monday after a scuffle broke out between the ruling BJP and the opposition Tipra Motha supporters in Tripura’s Mandai area.

Even a BJP office was vandalized. Motha has denied his role in vandalizing the BJP office. The office was torched on Sunday.

Motha said that this is a conspiracy to malign the reputation of the royal descendant and Motha chief Pradyot Kishore Debbarman.

Tripura Information Minister Jirania Sushant Choudhary visited the area on Monday and reviewed the situation. He met party workers.

He further added, “Violence and attack on each other is not the mandate of any political party, but the principle of politics to follow a comprehensive development plan and fight on ideology and strategies for the development of the local area.”

There was a scuffle during the program to join the BJP. More than 50 workers from different political parties joined the BJP.

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