tej pratap yadav: More drama in Lalu family as Tej Pratap ‘shifts’ to Rabri Devi residence

The turmoil in the family of RJD president Lalu Prasad over the drama of his elder son Tej Pratap Yadav is not over yet.

The MLA visited Maa Rabri Devi’s residence on Tuesday evening, spent the night at her place and according to party sources, he announced that he would no longer be staying in the bungalow allotted to him by the state government.

The “reunion” has brought more worries than joy for the family, which is yet to come with Tej Pratap’s cryptic tweet expressing his desire to hand over his “resignation” to his father.

The party, which is controlled by its all-powerful founding chief and successor Tejashwi Yadav, younger son, is currently troubled by a controversy arising out of serious allegations against Tej Pratap of a junior-level functionary.

RJD’s youth wing’s city unit chief Ramraj Yadav has alleged that the henchmen of the temperamental leader stripped him of his clothes and thrashed him and even threatened to eliminate him.

Worryingly, Ramraj has alleged that the incident took place last week at Rabri Devi’s residence, when there was a crowd of visitors invited to an iftar party organized by Tejashwi, who lives with his mother.

Sources close to Tej Pratap say he may have decided to stay at his mother’s 10 Circular Road bungalow on the suspicion that Ramraj’s allegations were a “conspiracy” hatched against him by opponents in the party.

While Tej Pratap has tried to come to terms with his younger brother’s big clout, with limited success, his feud with prominent leaders close to Tejashwi, including state president Jagdanand Singh, remains an open secret.

Incidentally, Jagdanand Singh has so far been the only RJD leader who said he was aware of Ramraj’s allegations.

Singh said, “Ramraj had called me and narrated his ordeal. I have looked into his complaints. But unfortunately it is not in my hands to take action against Tej Pratap. He is an MLA and only state unit leader.” are not.” his sense of despair.

Tej Pratap’s loyalists, however, claim that the alleged attack never took place and was acting at the behest of Ramraj Singh, Tejashwi’s key political aide Sanjay Yadav and MLC Sunil Kumar Singh.

Neither Sanjay Yadav nor Sunil Kumar Singh has reacted to this latest controversy over the elder son of the party supremo.

However, some RJD leaders see a ray of hope in the possible release of Lalu Prasad by next week as he has been granted bail by the Jharkhand High Court in fodder scam cases.

Meanwhile, Tej Pratap’s loyalists, who were generally dismissed as “chatkuf” by the RJD rank and file, said that he is a serious politician, who will continue to work like his father from the next month. We are planning to organize “Janata Darbar”. Starting on a statewide ‘yatra’ (tour).

The RJD MLA currently representing Hasanpur in Samastipur district shifted his base from Mahua in Vaishali, where he made his debut, but became largely unpopular during his tenure.

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