Sunny Leone on Her Life Choices And Standing Your Ground – Pen 18

Sunny Leone Interview: Actress Sunny Leone has carved a niche for herself in the film industry after spending 10 years here. The actor doing popular TV shows, web series and movies, filmmakers are confident of his skills and his popularity. This high and low journey taught Sunny one thing – that nothing is permanent and one should always take one’s own decisions in life.Also read- 11 Common Traits That Women Should Never Ignore

In an exclusive interview with, Sunny Leone talks about her time in the industry and how she is in a pretty peaceful place in life today, with her business doing well and her family prospering every day. Happening. On International Women’s Day, we spoke to Sunny about the incident where she decided to ‘stand her ground’. Here’s what he said: Also read- ICC starts ‘100 percent women’s cricket year’ on Women’s Day

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