Stella McCartney Says Give Peace a Chance at Fall 2022 Show – WWD – Pen 18

As an anti-war message on the runway, you can’t do much better as a finale than Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance.”

Of course, Stella McCartney has one. The designer also opened his fall show with a recording of John F. Kennedy’s extraordinary 1963 “A Strategy for Peace” speech. Together, they made the best note possible in a wide disconnect between fashion and reality.

“It feels really weird,” the designer admitted to being at Paris Fashion Week while the war in Ukraine is raging. “We did it during COVID-19 and now we’re in a situation that feels even more tragic and stranger, so we wanted to make some kind of statement against war.”

McCartney’s brands of luxury have always had discretion in one way or another, and this season, 67 percent of the collection was made with sustainable materials, including forest-friendly viscose, organic cotton, recycled nylon, recycled polyester, regenerative NATIVA. Contains wool and RWS. Wool from traceable sources.

“This collection was about bringing new clothes to our brand,” she said, making a note: “Grape skins ruined – so the wine you are drinking during lockdown is made into bags.” At least cheers for this.

Traceable, artsy and, above all, wearable, this stellar Stella collection was all that.

For a narrative thread, McCartney collaborated with modernist artist Frank Stella (Stella by Stella, get it?), bringing his signature splatters and stripes to life on the runway above the Center Pompidou, with Paris spreading below Gone.

“Her minimalism and minimalism parallel our brand. The more masculine side and the more explosive side tracks well,” she said of translating the artist’s riotous collage into allover printed jersey pieces and suits, and her bold Straight angle and diagonal stripes translated onto faceted chalk stripe tailoring, faux fur power coat and graphic. Knitted that made for very cool sweater dressing.

Flocked denim jeans and a sweetheart neckline make a casual look special in a fitted jacket, utility pants and shirt, and Stella staple, jumpsuit, black, chocolate brown or burgundy.

But there were also plenty of luxurious, flattering dresses—suspended from triangle bra tops, with draped sleeves and bubble hems, or in sleek-looking coated georgettes with a cape effect to create goddess-like grace.

After ending the weekend with a collection that seemed so cool, it was a breath of fresh air to start the new week with clothes that had stylish practicality without putting in too much effort.

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