Sonia Gandhi News: Sonia Gandhi to chair meet of CPP on Tuesday

Congress President Sonia Gandhi will preside over the Parliamentary Party meeting to be held on Tuesday. All the MPs of both the houses will be present in the meeting.

The meeting is usually held once during the Parliament session with Sonia Gandhi focusing on moving forward for the party during her speech.

This will be the first meeting after the Congress suffered a humiliating defeat in five state elections and the party is trying to stay united as Sonia Gandhi has raised herself to hold the herd together. The party has to face elections in two important states this year – Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat.

There is more hustle and bustle in the party. Former Madhya Pradesh Congress president Arun Yadav is upset, while the issues in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan are yet to be resolved.

The Gandhi family is reaching out to everyone in the G-23 group who, either personally or through a messenger, are demanding a radical change in the functioning of the party.

In a meeting held last month, the G-23 had issued a statement calling for re-structuring the Congress organization and fixing accountability of those involved in the election process.

“We believe that the only way forward for the Congress is to adopt a model of collective and inclusive leadership and decision-making at all levels… To oppose the BJP, it is necessary to strengthen the Congress party. We demand that The Congress party begins talks with like-minded forces to create a platform to pave the way for a credible alternative in 2024.”

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