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Sir John Barnett is joining the CTZN Cosmetics family.

The renowned makeup artist, known professionally as Sir John, will join the company as a Chief Creative Officer, working closely with his co-founding sisters Alina, Alizeh and Nasiha Khan and promoting their products, their brands. And will work to further and further our shared message on culture. ,

“We are thrilled to have someone who is such an expert in this industry. We are very excited to see what kind of innovations we can come up with,” Alina Khan told WWD. Miley, I remember he said, ‘I’m going to constantly bring this back to how we can move the culture forward.'”

She continued, “For someone to be involved and for the same mission that we have where it is raising cultural awareness through beauty and how we are going to make more people feel through our products, our brand, our message – That’s when I think we really felt it was the perfect fit.”

CTZN is best known for its bestselling Nudiversal Lip Duos, an all-inclusive and genderless line of lipsticks and lipglosses that feature 25 different shades of nude. Additionally, the company is known for its “Cultural,” which embeds the sisters’ message of culture and wisdom into their makeup tutorials.

Alijeh, Alina and Naseeha Khan.
Courtesy of CTZN Cosmetics

“I love what is happening here in this venture. I was really interested in their leaning towards an inclusive landscape or what it looks like to create this new diverse range for all,” Sir John told WWD told. “[The sisters] Keep a sense of equality in your heart. It’s not always about going into something just because it’s beautiful or good. But how much do they want people to feel? For me beauty is first a feeling and then it is seen.”

Having worked under makeup legends Pat McGrath and Charlotte Tilbury early in his career, Sir John has built a successful career spanning more than two decades.

In 2015, he was named a Creative Director for L’Oréal Paris, making him the first Black Creative Director for the brand in the US, having worked with the likes of Naomi Campbell, Joan Smalls, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and notably Is. Beyoncé as her personal makeup artist. Some of her favorite past makeup looks include the Violet Lip Smalls that Beyoncé wore to the 2014 Met Gala, the 2017 Grammys when she was pregnant with her twins Sir and Rumi, and the makeup she did for Barbie.

Sir John has also become an advocate of social issues such as equality and inclusivity, which is in line with the vision of the Khan sisters and has been working continuously for CTZN.

Alina Khan said, “It is mutually very exciting for both ends because I think she really sees our mission and the potential to broaden that message, which is raising cultural awareness through beauty. ” “I think there is no other beauty brand focused on her. She is an activist and humanitarian herself, so I think seeing that angle of our brand really connects us all.”

“We were the youngest brand he was considering,” Alizeh Khan said. “So for us, it was great that he chose us, because it was a great recognition that someone who has been in the industry for years, saw the potential in our brand.”

Sir John chose to work with CTZN not only because of their shared vision, but also with a women-led brand that wants to move the needle when it comes to change and prioritize consumer needs .

CTZN Cosmetics campaign with make up and direction by Sir John

“Their desire to see what the consumer wants. Women-led brands typically operate from the heart and spirit – wanting to solve a problem or make someone feel wanted,” said Sir John. “It’s like my MO and that gets me out of bed every morning. I think it also runs parallel to the CTZN brand.”

With their extensive background, the sisters look forward to not only working with Sir John on more product development, but also seeing his “creative eye” for branding and visuals and his passion for nurturing retail partnerships. are excited for.

“Community begins and follows with conversation, with a sense of knowing not only where we are going as a beauty community, but also where we are,” said Sir John. “When we look at fashion and beauty, in general, there’s a lot of trauma to where we’ve been as a beauty community. So I hope to provide some of that. Bring some of that sauce in. – That secret sauce here.

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