sidhu: Sidhu’s views sought in road rage case

The Supreme Court on Friday sought a stand from Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu on a plea to review an earlier judgment that had mildly spared him a fine of ₹1,000.

The SC had reduced his jail term from three years to ₹1,000 in a 2018 verdict. The victim’s son has opposed his mild punishment.

Sidhu has opposed this petition through his lawyers. He said that he has led an exemplary life since the 1987 road rage incident in which he allegedly had a fight with the victim. He said that he has been an MP and has worked for the good of the people.

The High Court had sentenced the victim to three years imprisonment on the ground that the victim died of a heart attack. Senior advocate P Chidambaram appeared for Sidhu in the court. He argued that the notice was issued on a plea to review the judgment only on the punishment aspect. Now the family was trying to reopen the whole matter by saying that Sidhu has been wrongly accused.

Instead, senior advocate Siddharth Luthra urged the court to prosecute him for murder. Chidambaram argued, “the scope of the notice cannot be extended.”

Sidhu was punished under Section 323, IPC, which provides for one year imprisonment for voluntarily causing hurt.

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