shashi tharoor: Govt’s job is nation building, not bulldozing it down: Congress’ Shashi Tharoor on demolition drive – The Economic Times Video

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on April 20 took a jibe at the central government, saying the government’s job is to “build a nation and not bring it down”. “The government it has been elected to form has chosen rather than to destroy. The job of the government is to build the nation, not to destroy it. By this shameful conduct this government has lost the trust of a large number of its citizens,” said Congress’s Shashi Tharoor. “India’s image is getting tarnished across the world. Everything I hear from my friends abroad is very negative. We are being identified with minority persecution and Islamophobia. We once used to have respect for our democracy and diversity…the BJP is responsible,” he said.

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