sangh: Jahangirpuri violence part of Sangh affiliates’ agenda: Left parties

The Left parties, in a fact-finding report released on Tuesday, said that the violence that took place in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri on April 16 is part of the agenda of some of the Sangh’s allies to use the religious opportunity to sway religious leaders. Based on its interactions with people from the affected area in northwest Delhi, the team said Hindus and Muslims have been “living together for decades” there and claimed that those who took part in Saturday’s violence were outsiders.

The report said violence broke out when a Hanuman Jayanti procession led by Bajrang Dal activists, armed with pistols and swords, arrived in front of a mosque.

“Then why it was not stopped? Why were they allowed to raise slogans outside the mosque when the fast was over and a crowd of Muslims was expected?” The report asked to hold the Delhi Police responsible for the clashes between the two communities.

The fact finding team included leaders from CPI(M), CPI, CPI-ML and Forward Bloc.

He said that a group of 150-200 men had been roaming the streets in a procession since afternoon carrying DJ and loud sounds and weapons. Locals said that they saw people in the procession waving pistols and swords. This can be verified. There is also television footage

The report said, “He also said that people were shouting and shouting slogans forcefully. The team was told that the procession was not organized by the locals, but by the youth wing of Bajrang Dal. Said they were outsiders.”

It claimed that when the violence broke out, the procession was in its third round of the area.

“If the local Muslims had hatched a conspiracy to attack the procession, as alleged by BJP leaders, the attack would have happened earlier,” the report said.

Holding the Delhi Police responsible for the violence, he asked why an armed procession was allowed to assemble in front of a mosque.

He said local people gathered in large numbers amid the apprehension of the procession entering the mosque. stated in the report.

It noted that when the vehicles were torched, women residents of the area protesting raids on their homes were “bullyed” by police personnel.

The report said that the locals said that the stone pelting started from both the sides. He also told the team on condition of anonymity that some members of the minority community “later brought weapons”.

The team members went to the police station and alleged that they found Delhi BJP president Adesh Gupta and MP Hans Raj Hans addressing a press conference in the police station premises in the presence of police officials.

“People around them were shouting Jai Shri Ram. The third question is: Doesn’t this clearly show the bias of the police? The team found that there was no trust in the police in the entire area and it was a complete . – Partisan investigation influenced by BJP leaders.

“It should also be noted that the BJP has openly praised the role of the police. In this regard, unilateral arrests by the police mainly of members of the minority community, even though video evidence of provocative behavior is available and the processions The aggressive action is totally unjust and motivated.”

The team also found that there was never any communal clash between the people living in the area and Hindus and Muslims have been living together for decades. The report said it was “shocking” that the BJP should describe people living in the area as “illegal” or Rohingya refugees.

“The team observed that the incidents in Jahangirpuri are a part of the agenda of some Sangh Parivar affiliates to use religious occasions and festivals as opportunities to create communal incidents.

“In the case of Delhi, it has to be seen in conjunction with earlier events. Mayor of South Delhi Municipal Corporation from BJP announced a ban on sale of non-vegetarian food, ABVP tried to implement vegetarian food in JNU and They attacked, protested, Rajaram, the caretaker of a farmhouse in Chhawla village was killed by cow vigilantes alleging slaughter and all this as the latest chapter in the Jahangirpuri communal violence.

The Left parties appealed to the people to maintain unity and demanded that the Home Ministry and the President “reverse” the bias of Delhi Police.

“Immediate action should be taken against the guilty police personnel. Police should ensure immediate action against these divisive forces. Delay will only explain the unreliability of the government in such issues. The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi should immediately break his silence and intervene,” ” They said.

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