Prashant Kishor news: Prashant Kishor wants to join Congress without preconditions, his induction will help party: Party gen secy

Describing Prashant Kishor as a proven brand, Congress general secretary Tariq Anwar on Thursday said election strategists are willing to join the party without any preconditions and his joining will definitely help the party.

Anwar said Congress President Sonia Gandhi wants to take senior leaders into confidence and seek their opinion on whether Kishor’s entry into the party will be beneficial or not and then wants to take a decision on the much-awaited matter.

Discussing the party’s fate, Anwar said the Congress would be the natural leader of the anti-BJP front for the 2024 general elections as no other party has a pan-India appeal or presence. Supporting Rahul Gandhi as the president, he said that party workers and leaders also wished the same but ultimately the party will take a decision in the upcoming elections.

“Some people say that the Gandhi family should go away, but there is a feeling in the Congress that if any face has a pan-India presence and appeal, it is from the Gandhi family. That’s why we want a leader who has national appeal. ” The Union Minister told PTI in an interview.

Elaborating on Kishor’s role in a turnaround for the party, Anwar said, “Prashant Kishor is a brand and he has proved that every party he has worked for since 2014 was a success. The only exception is Uttar Pradesh (for Congress-SP in 2017).”

Anwar said that Kishor, who has prepared the election strategy of various parties including Trinamool Congress, AAP and DMK, wants to help the Congress by coming.

“It is a good thing that he wants to join without any condition or compulsion. He thinks Congress is a national party which can take on BJP. He has realized this and he is a good analyst. Certainly , his joining will help the party. If Congress includes him,” the CWC member insisted.

Anwar said Kishor should join the party instead of becoming a consultant.

“He has said that he has given up his advisory job and will not be an advisor to any party. He wants to join the Congress and use his experience for the party.”

When asked on the internal debate in the party regarding Kishor, the Congress leader said that when a new person comes there is debate or a new formula is considered as it is a democratic party.

“No one takes decisions alone. Congress president is supreme, but party chief takes senior leaders into confidence. In all rounds of talks, he has called senior leaders. CMs of two states have also been called. Hence Sonia Gandhi. I want to take everyone into confidence and take their opinion whether it will be beneficial for him to join the party or not, and then take a decision.”

Expressing his desire to join the party, Kishor on Saturday made a detailed presentation to top Congress officials at a meeting chaired by Gandhi for the 2024 general elections.

Kishor, who has held several rounds of meetings with the top Congress leadership, is also learned to have given suggestions on the upcoming assembly elections.

Elaborating on his stand that Congress should be the cornerstone of the anti-BJP alliance for the 2024 elections, Anwar said, “It has been proved that the Third Front failed, be it VP Singh, HD Deve Gowda or IK Gujral. It happens in a democracy that the single largest party gets to take over the leadership, only then will there be stability.”

“Whether Congress is still winning or is second in over 200 seats… That’s what PK (Kishor) is suggesting to focus on these seats and make other compromises with the parties,” he said.

Anwar argued that the Congress should take the lead as all other parties are regional parties and have not been able to come out of their area.

“AAP won in Punjab, but they do not have a presence in the entire country. It will take the Congress 20 years to reach where it is,” he claimed.

Anwar also criticized the BJP for playing “bulldozer politics” aimed at polarization for political gains and said efforts were being made to exclude Muslims from the mainstream and make them “second-class citizens”.

He alleged that the ideology of the BJP and the Sangh Parivar is clear, they have only one agenda – to polarize Hindu-Muslim and take political advantage of it.

Anwar said he took advantage of it in 2014 and 2019 and in some states and made it his modus operandi to divert attention from the real issues.

“For the first time, the majority is being intimidated by spreading fear of the minority. A psyche is being created against the Muslims. However, I still believe that the majority wants the rule of the Constitution and a secular country.”

He argued, “This bulldozer politics is very dangerous and like playing with fire. If you keep targeting one community, the situation is bound to worsen.”

Anwar said that the wounds of 1947 took time to heal, while despite the presence of mass leaders trying to rectify the situation, “they are taking us down that path again”.

He alleged that the BJP’s talk of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ is a ‘lie’ and attempts are being made to oust Muslims from the mainstream and make them ‘second class citizens’.

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