Peak power demand up 12 pc at 198.47 GW, may cross 200 GW-mark in April

Peak electricity demand met or highest in a single day supply rose 12 percent to 198.47 GW on April 1 from 198.47 GW a year ago, showing the impact of the onset of summer and the easing of lockdown restrictions. The latter is showing improvement in commercial and industrial consumption. by states. According to the data of the Ministry of Power, the maximum power demand as on April 1, 2021 was 177.20 GW.

The data shows that in 2021, the highest demand for electricity was recorded during the entire month of April at 182.37 GW. It was 132.73 GW in April 2020, which is lower from 176.81 GW in April 2019.

Experts believe that the sharp jump in power demand reflects the recovery in economic activity through rising commercial and industrial demand for electricity, especially after the easing of lockdown restrictions by states to contain the coronavirus infection.

He also said that apart from the spurt in economic activity, the onset of summer has also increased the demand for electricity as people especially in the northern part of the country have been using desert coolers and air conditioners to beat the scorching heat. started. Day.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) had said on Thursday that there would be no respite from the heat in the coming months.

The Meteorological Department had said that the maximum temperatures are likely to remain above normal in April in some parts of Northwest and Central India and Northeast.

Electricity demand was mainly affected in April 2020 due to the lockdown restrictions imposed in the wake of rising coronavirus infection in the country.

The central government had imposed the lockdown on March 25, 2020. In April 2021, a deadly second wave hit the country, prompting a re-lockdown by the states. This has affected the demand for electricity in the country.

Experts say that the peak power demand of 198.47GW on April 1, 2022 is in contrast to 176.81 GW in April 2019, indicating that the power requirement is now far above pre-pandemic levels.

They are of the view that if economic activities are not disrupted by the lockdown restrictions by the states amid another wave of the pandemic, a huge jump in power demand could be seen and would remain above the 200 GW level.

On July 7, 2021, the maximum demand for electricity met or the highest supply in a single day was a record 200.57 GW.

Last month, Power Minister RK Singh had said that peak power demand could cross the 200 GW mark in March itself.

However, the target was missed by a blow and 199.29 GW was recorded last month.

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