Palm Angels Brings Sunset Boulevard to Milan with Fall 2022 Show – WWD – Pen 18

Backstage at the Palm Angels show, Francesco Ragazzi describes the grand spectacle set out on the outskirts of Milan – filled with billboard images of the latest campaign, shot by David Sims, with palm trees suspended from a mirrored ceiling and rods between guests Stewart – As a “statement on who we are today, it is about connecting the dots of our identity”.

The designer has been enamored with youth subcultures throughout his life, and is part of some of them rather than seen from the sidelines. One could say that everyone looked authentic in their skater-chic outfits, judging by the diverse and cool audience.

For the fall coed show, the first in two years and during Milan’s female season, she sampled the characters. “I feel like I am doing a film. There are so many characters that I need to identify and I am creating them.”

The cinematic production opened up in the later hours to a dreamy Sunset Boulevard, where Ragazzi’s quiet strollers were clearly up for a thrift-shop hunt.

He wore a bouquet tweed blazer; Leopard-patterned velor track pants with sunset-colored sequined bombers; ’70s Tuxedo Blazer with Ripped Jeans Scattered in Crystals; Chunky knits, and palm-printed pajama sets trimmed in wool, differ on the Stars and Stripes flag.

The eclectic mix – springing from disparate references from Kurt Cobain to Jamiroquai – was all in the name of personality. When models crowded the industrial space for the finale, Ragazzi’s art of conjuring up an authentic vibe was on full display.

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