P&O Ferries: After Better.com, British shipping company sacks 800 employees over a video call without any prior notice; fired staff stage sit-in protest

A British shipping company recently announced that it was sacking 800 marine workers.

According to reports, nearly a quarter of the employees of P&O Ferry were informed about their last day of employment through a video message on Thursday, following which the sacked employees staged a sit-in.

P&O Ferries is one of the UK’s leading ferry companies and carries over 10 million passengers annually. However, its demand decreased in the pandemic.

According to reports, employees of P&O Feries were informed about losing their jobs during a Microsoft Teams meeting, where they were told they were being replaced by agency employees on substandard contracts.

Rumors about a “major announcement” got wind, according to a report in P&O on Thursday morning, with all sailors on hold

The company said in its statement on Friday that it took the “difficult decision” as a “last resort” to save the business.

“We took this difficult decision as a last resort and only after a thorough consideration of all other options, but ultimately, we concluded that the business would not survive without a fundamentally changed crew arrangement, which would inevitably result in redundancies. will,” the company said in its official statement, as quoted by

According to reports, the company has confirmed that it is losing around 1 million pounds every day because its services are not working.

The way the incident unfolded is reminiscent of the recent mass layoffs at US-based digital mortgage company Better.com, where CEO Vishal Garg laid off nearly 800 employees over a Zoom call in December 2021.

Earlier this month, Better made headlines once again after sacking more than 3,000 employees in the US and India. These dismissed employees received severance checks in the payroll app without any prior notice or warning.

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