Opposition MLA warns Adityanath: Samajwadi Party guns will now fire bullets, not emit smoke

Samajwadi Party’s newly-elected MLA Shazeel Islam hit out at Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, saying if he makes any “noise” now, the SP’s guns will “not smoke, but fire bullets”.

As a video of his remarks went viral on social media, the MLA from Bareilly’s Bhojipura said that his remarks had been “edited” by a news channel.

Islam told PTI that what he had said was that the opposition is now much stronger in Uttar Pradesh than before and will give a vehement reply to Adityanath in the assembly, like guns fire bullets and no smoke.

While addressing a party meeting in his constituency on Friday, Islam had said, “Earlier, we had less MLAs in Uttar Pradesh and hence Chief Minister Adityanath used to attack us in his speeches. He only stopped abusing us. Gave.

“Party workers need not be worried anymore. The days of their dictatorship are gone. Now, there is a strong protest in the House. If their mouth sounds like humari bhi banduko se dhoom nahi nikolega, goli nikalgi (if they do) makes noise), then the guns of the Samajwadi Party will fire and not release smoke),” he said.\R

The MLA told his party workers that there was no need to worry and if the BJP tried to make its way, the SP would protest and block the roads.

Speaking to PTI, Islam said, “A news channel has edited my video, and it went viral. In the program, I had only said, ‘Majboot opppon ho ke karen, har baat ka jab compulsion se denge jis taarike se gun se dhoom nahi, goli nahi hai (Due to strong protests in the assembly, we will give a strong reply like guns shoot bullets and no smoke)’.

He said that SP President Akhilesh Yadav has announced that the party will fight the government inside the House and on the streets.

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