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“It’s always good to be reminded of those who worked before,” said Olivier Rousteing, announcing that he would be the next guest couturier at Jean Paul Gaultier.

The one-time effort for fall 2022, unveiled during Clothing Week in Paris next July, will be a chance to pay tribute to a maverick designer, fashion innovator and leading proponent of inclusivity, said Balmain’s creative director. Supported rights and brought attention to many subcultures.

“I’ve always been influenced and inspired by the world of Jean Paul Gaultier,” Rousteing told WWD, hours after signing on for the Jean Paul Gaultier x Olivier Rousteing project.

Glenn Martens of Y/Project and Diesel and Chitose Abe of Sacai were the first designers invited to guest design the Gaultier couture collection following the founder’s retirement from the runway in 2020. He had the idea of ​​inviting a rotating cast to interpret his oeuvre. ,

Rousteing described it as an “honour” to be able to interpret the work of one of the most iconic French designers of the past 50 years.

“I think he brought a lot to the fashion world and the fashion industry,” Rousting enthused in an interview. “What I love about her beauty routine is the incredible work on the tailoring, the cuts, the craftsmanship, the savior-fair, and the incredible glamor and sensuality that she brought to the runway.”

He described the capabilities of the Gaultier Atelier as “endless” and is enjoying the opportunity to learn about new technologies.

Rousteing said he is indebted to the sailor stripes, corsetry and strongly padded shoulders, which he has incorporated into his design vocabulary at Balmain, giving these their own spin.

He also appreciated how Gaultier used fashion as an instrument of social change, and supported an open-minded vision of a society in which everyone could claim their identity without fear of discrimination.

“People need to remember who was leading the way we are fighting today,” Rousteing said. Learn about the iconic Couture House.

Rousteing, 36, was only a child when Gaultier became a fashion superstar, but he remembers iconic Madonna moments, provocative fragrance ads and bottles, and his theatrical runway shows.

“I think he helped many of my generation feel free to be who they wanted to be,” he said.

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