Nihl RTW Fall 2022 – WWD – Pen 18

For creative director Neil Grotzinger’s fall collection, the nightlife lens continues to reign supreme, evoking notions of masculinity and blending sensibilities of professionalism and composition with accents of sensuality, titled “Classicsxx”. Is.

Grotzinger’s lineup traces the gray area between what we deem fit during the day and what we primarily exist in the evening.

Eye: Classic men’s day dress, broken up and reconstituted with an exuberant and ornate queer nightlife sensibility.

Main pieces: Classic men’s suits and button-up work shirts are featured with massive gaps, slits, and dangling tendrils that were once their torso or seams; Embroidered harnesses and slivers of neon crystal embellishments bring out the excitement. The trenchcoat and trousers have also been reinterpreted with shiny sheer chiffons that finish off their structure and allow them to dangle and flow, while the khakis have been broken up with large slits that reveal their interior.

Takeaway: Grotzinger strives to feel timeless and continues to apply ornate sensibilities to the world of menswear, while in line with the goal of revealing that the concept of binary-ism is not just gender, and both worlds as one. can coexist.

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