Naagin 6 Episode 6 Written Update Pratha Transforms Into Shesh Naagin Sarvasresth Naagin Loses Her Powers – Pen 18

The episode begins with Seema announcing that she wants Ritesh to marry Pratha. Urvashi decides to get Reem married to Rishabh anyway. Urvashi apologizes to Seema and begs Reem to marry Rishabh. he agrees. Seema requests Pratha’s father to allow Pratha to marry Ritesh. He happily agrees. Rishabh instigates Ritesh against Pratha but fails.Also Read – Naagin 6: Ritesh’s chemistry won over Tejashwi Prakash’s fans, #PraTesh’s fans said ‘mast jodi hai’

best serpent begins to lose his human form and turns into a Naagin as the moonlight shines on it mahashivratri, She also begins to lose her powers and realizes that she has to be killed. Asura before midnight. Reem dresses up as a bride. Rishabh comes to her room and tells her that Ritesh has refused to marry Rhea. Reem refuses to marry Rishabh which angers him. The two reconcile. Also Read – Naagin 6 Episode 5 Written Update: Riteish Stands Up For Pratha, Breaks Engagement With Rhea

best serpent Due to the blessings of Lord Shiva regains his human form. Gujral reached the temple. Pratha still loves Rishabh. His lehenga catches fire but Rishabh saves him. Gujral family performed aarti, Naagin looks at the hands of all the family members and finds out that Mr. Gujral is one Asura, Also Read – Tejaswi Prakash’s Naagin 6 Tops TRP Charts, Ekta Kapoor Thanks Fans

Mr. Gujral and the minister decided to go to the forest to collect a consignment of illegal weapons. revealed that Naagin He was disguised as a minister. she kills Asura, Mayank comes to the temple and tells Pratha that Naagin Will kill her father-in-law Gujral. It is learned that Mayank had warned Mr. Gujral. Naagin But he refused to listen to her.

best serpent is attacked by snake charmer, As Rishabh tries to leave, Mayank stops his car who tells him that Mr. Gujral is about to die. Rishabh and Pratha reach the spot and reveal that he is Shesh Nagin,

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