Munawar Faruiqui Mom Died by Suicide, Drank Acid – Pen 18

Munawwar Farooqui’s mother dies by suicide: latest judgment day episodes lock up Became more emotional than controversial. When host Kangana Ranaut asked the contestants to reveal their secrets, Munawwar Farooqui He spoke at length about an incident from his past which left everyone emotional on the show. The popular comedian spoke about her mother’s death and how she had been living in an abusive marriage for years. She revealed that her mother had died by suicide and that she regrets not being with her during the incident.Also Read – Lock Up Host Kangana Ranaut Feels KGF Star Yash Is Big B’s New Angry Young Man!

Surprised by Munawwar’s revelations Kangana Ranaut who could not resist his tears. He began with: “I still remember that it was a Friday afternoon. There was a time when the doctors told me to drop my hand and when they forced me, I realized my mother had died I still can’t let it go. I always felt that if I had slept with my mother that night, maybe things would have been different had I reached the hospital earlier.” Munawwar revealed that his mother had There was nothing to eat for at least eight days and she suffered for 22 years in her marriage where neither her husband nor other family members took care of her. Also Read – Alia Bhatt’s Wedding Saree Inspired By Kangana Ranaut And Sonam Kapoor Sarees – Who Wore Better?

Munawwar Farooqui breaks silence on mother’s suicide: Saw being beaten up

“The doctors also told us that my mother had nothing to eat for eight days. My mother was not happy for 22 years of her married life. Throughout my life, I have seen him beating or having fights between his parents,” he said. Also Read – Lock Up: Kangana Ranaut’s subtle take on Hrithik Roshan refers to ‘scandal’ with married man

Munawwar said that his mother used to do odd jobs to run him and run the household and he had to face family squabbles. “My mother made chaklis to run our household but things were very different with my father and grandmother. My mother did not get respect in that house. My whole family held him responsible for my sister’s wedding. My mother had a loan of Rs 3,500,” he said.

Shocking revelation of Munawwar Farooqui on lock up: My mother drank acid, died by suicide

The comedian mentioned that he regretted not being with his mother the night before and why he couldn’t pay back his debt. “I still regret why I didn’t sleep with him, why I didn’t reach there earlier and why I didn’t have Rs 3,500 at that time. This was not one reason my mother made this decision, there were many. She was strong. I still regret not asking him when I saw him quiet for a few days. So I don’t want to shout or fight. And, the relationship I had, I never abused or raised my hand. Maybe that’s why I was in a mentally abused relationship, but I wouldn’t blame anyone,” he explained.

Zeeshan Khan, who is another contestant of the show, also spoke about a similar incident in her life. He revealed that his mother had suffered the same but his father was always by his side. Meanwhile, Mandana Karimi was evicted after the latest episode. Watch this space for all the latest updates lock up,

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