Modi’s focus in France: Support for self-reliance in Defence, Space

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Paris focused on French support for a self-reliant India in areas including defense and space, apart from joint efforts in the Indo-Pacific. According to a French diplomat, the visit saw an “extraordinary impression of trust and friendship”.

Modi was one of the first foreign leaders to meet Emmanuel Macron after he was first elected. This time, he is the first foreign leader to meet Macron in Paris after being re-elected.

The message is that both leaders have high ambitions for the future of the India-French strategic partnership. The diplomat said it also indicated that India was a top priority for France’s foreign policy.

Discussions focused on how France can continue to be India’s preferred partner for achieving self-reliance in defence, technology, space and energy, and how to accelerate joint efforts in the Indo-Pacific region without losing focus on the challenges in the region. to be done. According to the knowledgeable people, it has not decreased.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine was also involved in the talks. Both sides agreed to end hostilities and reduce global economic turmoil, including food security for vulnerable countries. The two leaders also discussed Afghanistan. The visit assumes significance because during the presidency of the French European Union, Paris left no stone unturned to bring India and the Indo-Pacific to the EU agenda.

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