metaverse: Conversational AI will be the foundation for experience delivery in metaverse:’s Raj Koneru

Chennai: Conversational AI will potentially become the foundation for experience delivery across the omnibus metaverse, Raj Koneru, CEO and founder of conversational AI-first platform, told ET on Monday about the company doubling down on its R&D center in Hyderabad. told. He said that Conversational AI is going to replace UI (User Interface) based applications and added that the current applications will become conversational.

“Conversational AI is being deployed to enable chatbots and now to enable voice bots,” Koneru said. “The use cases are more in the realm of customer service support, IT support or human resource support. I think in the future most applications, whether employee-facing or customer-facing, will be conversational. The key of ‘no UI’ The concept ‘is the best UI’ will bear fruit across the board in all applications.”

And it becomes even more relevant in the Metaverse and Omniverse, which he said will exist in some form or another as a virtual world that mimics or simulates the real world. He said the applicability of conversational AI becomes even more important when the applications themselves become conversational.

“For example, you can have a virtual post office or a virtual branch of a bank where you can talk to a virtual teller or connect with a virtual loan officer to do your job,” he explained. “That virtual avatar – virtual teller, virtual postman or virtual loan officer or service provider of any kind – is a robot. That avatar needs some way of communication and conversational AI is the way to communicate. Hence the conversational AI foundation. Potentially for experience distribution in the Metaverse or Omniverse.”

Koneru said that while this reality is some time away, he believed the future would be based on conversational AI and that his company would have limitless opportunities to expand. With future opportunities in mind, the company’s new workplace will serve as a hub for’s global research and development (R&D) initiatives in the conversational AI technology area, along with product development, engineering, customer support, consulting and more. will work as Allied Services.

“At present we have around 460 employees across India, mostly in Hyderabad,” he said. “We are adding around 250 people as we speak. We are expanding substantially, mainly in product R&D and engineering and support for various products. Our operations in India are available to all our customers around the world. and this is the heart of the company.”

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The company said it plans to increase its global workforce to 1,100 in FY 2022-23, which includes a large number of talent in India due to the growing demand for conversational AI implementation across industries.

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