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Time View: “I still have all my spaces,” said Paris-based designer Arturo Obagero, as Harry Styles proceeded in the freshly released music video for “As It Was” in his creations, a red top and matching trousers. “The lead single from the British artist’s new album.

Although he had been hoping to appear since he began working on these designs in late 2021, he described part of Styles’ latest work as “mind-blowing, a great experience and, ultimately, a privilege”. Found – especially as a young designer.

“The fact that Harry Styles and [his stylist] Both Harry Lambert believed me, not only accompanying me with exposure but also buying clothes, is crazy. They could go to so many big brands, but they believed that a young designer was battling a 70-year-old sewing machine in a five-square-metre corner of my house,” said the designer, who told the British artist. admits. The Mick Jagger of our generation.”

Obagero, 28, who describes himself as “a young Spanish designer who launched a Parisian label a week ago” [France’s March 2020] COVID-19 lockdown,” a resident of Tapia de Casarigo, a town in Asturias, the northern region of the country.

arturo obagero
Gaëtan Bernede / Arturo Obergero. courtesy of

As a teenager, he watched fashion shows on YouTube – Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy – as a form of escapism from his countryside. The dance gave her the awareness that costume was intrinsically linked to the creation of a character to go on stage, but received a book on Yves Saint Laurent to strengthen her interest in fashion.

After studying pattern-making and confection at Escuela Superior de Diseno y Moda Goimar, a technical school in north-western Spain, Obagero headed to London and central St. Martins. After graduating in 2018, he arrived in Paris for a first experience at Lanvin before jumping to work alone as the pandemic raged in Europe.

Working from home inspired him to use the materials he had on hand, a practice he felt naturalized and continued with as businesses reopen. This approach culminated in using old theater curtains for its fall 2021 debut on the Paris Fashion Week calendar.

The designer, who sold at independent retailers such as e-tailer Sense and Paris-based Elvestar, noted that while 95 percent of his customers were male, he was ultimately “designing for someone who isn’t afraid”. [turning] One of her main strengths lay in her vulnerability and sensitivity, “playing with the codes of formfitting and almost second-skin outfits of flamenco dancers and matadors.

“It’s all about body lines. That’s a reason [Styles and his team] Called me – they were really about the body. There is no huge quantity, no hassle, nothing extraordinary,” he said.

He worked on the assumption that Styles would be performing in clothing – live or in front of the camera – so he pointed to creating something that was as comfortable for movement as it is attractive.

With this in mind, she reworked her signature silhouette of high-waisted trousers and a structured sleeveless top for the styles, adding “a bit of pizzazz by using sequin panels to capture and reflect light.” Graphically cut for. It’s disco, which is just the fun part of the look.”

Although the process took place through Zoom calls and the exchange of images, he most enjoyed his design vision and the feeling of balance between the artistic one of the styles – and the principle of a creative dialogue that leads to a bespoke design. goes.

Harry Styles Wears Custom Arturo Obagero in 'As It Was'

The full Arturo Obagero outfit worn by Harry Styles.
Courtesy of Arturo Obagero

Obagero is gearing up for a busy year: She has applied for the ANDAM Fashion Awards and is considering a bridesmaid offer. And although he started it off on a high note, he isn’t letting the experience go to its head.

“Harry Styles was definitely in my top five people I wanted to groom. But it’s also a double-edged sword for young designers, where it can seem like you only count or are relevant if you’re a celebrity. There’s more to learn about style, creation, and the art of fashion [in these experiences] Just from a relationship with a famous person,” he said.

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