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You may know Matilda Gerf by her natural, bouncy lash and her chic European “It” girl aesthetic, or perhaps by her successful fashion brand Gerf Avenue.

Since the Swedish model-influencer launched the brand with her partner Rasmus Johansson more than two years ago, its products have been flying off shelves, with most of its collections selling out overnight or sometimes, within minutes of leaving.

Some of Gerf’s most popular pieces in the Core collection, which include staples like blazers and trousers, have been spotted on fashion enthusiasts in New York City, Paris, and Los Angeles. While mindlessly scrolling through fashion TikTok, one can easily spot a Gerph Avenue piece in a try-on or styling video.

“Honestly, it feels really surreal. When my partner Rasmus and I started Gerf Avenue, we thought it would be a side hustle thing—something we could do for fun,” Gerf said. Told WWD. “We never thought it would grow into this huge company with employees. It’s the craziest feeling, but it’s a lot of fun. It’s my dream.”

Matilda the Gerf Behind the scenes of a Gerf Avenue shoot.
Courtesy of Matilda Gerf / Gerf Avenue

The idea of ​​creating her own label came to fruition when she wanted to wear the things she was missing in her wardrobe. Additionally, her previous experience as a model made her realize just how awkward the shape can be in the industry, which was also enhanced by the improvements made online.

Djerf and Johansson then thought they should launch something of their own. That’s why they made sure that all products and photos on their website were raw and unfiltered.

“We wanted to make sure our customers knew that what they see on the website is what they actually get,” she said. “That’s why we don’t retouch any photos. We don’t retouch clothes or acne or anything.”

According to Gerf, who has over 2 million followers on Instagram, the process from the label’s conception to its first collection was relatively quick, from January 2019 to December of that year. “We were super determined,” she said.

Seeing Djerf Avenue’s array of products is like peeking into Djerf’s actual closet. Oversized blazers, trouser pants, miniskirts, tube tops, flowy button-downs, midi dresses and simple T-shirts, among other things, the content creator always puts timelessness, versatility and comfort above all in their creative process.

“It’s really important to me that whatever we release, you can style it with previous items. To this day, the first pieces we’ve launched are still in our collection today,” Gerf said. “I never want to release something that you can’t style with a previous item. So it has to be versatile. It needs to be comfortable. I think those are the things I think about.”

Additionally, Djerf’s brand stands out as they draw most of their inspiration from their own consumer base, as well as common places such as social media and people who see them on the street.

“I would say a big part of the inspiration is definitely from our customers. I see their reaction to how they style the items. I love Pinterest and just watching people walk down the street,” She said. “I think I get a lot of inspiration from everything. A flower can literally inspire me, which sounds vague, but that’s all. But it’s the customers – how they wear the item, it always gives me new ideas.”

matilda zerf

matilda zerf
Courtesy of Matilda Gerf / Gerf Avenue

Based in Stockholm, with products ethically produced and manufactured in Portugal, Gerf Avenue’s largest market is the US, a huge success for the Scandinavian label. Starting this fall, the brand will have a warehouse in the US.

Djerf hopes that the items she designs will stay in customers’ closets for years and that she can be more involved with her community and customer base, such as doing photoshoots with her customers around the world.

Since its launch, Gerf Avenue has been providing not only staple closet pieces but also homeware like bedding and towels, swimwear, accessories and most recently denim. Looking to the future, Djerf expects to continue expanding its line.

“We’re currently working on a category that seems pretty obvious to me. If you’ve followed me for a long time, this is totally new to us,” said Gerf, teasing what he has. Happened.” So, it’s really exciting. But it’s always a little scary when you try something new, but I’m excited.”

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