Maitrepierre RTW Fall 2022 – WWD – Pen 18

Alphonse Matrepierre wanted to start where the last two seasons left off, once again confronting the bourgeois wardrobe with contemporary notions like leisure wear and cod from the digital-first era in his “Nostalgia” collection.

“It is not the idea of ​​saying that things were better in the past. It is about picking good ideas and using that legacy to bring them forward,” he said. In his case, that meant the chic basics Splitting together into items that could be worn in a number of ways, or having them cut from loungeware materials such as towels or fleece.

The best incarnation of the season, he said, were slingbacks with latex rabbit heads as a nod to the fuzzy slippers. Gold-plated mice by French artist Marie Beltrami show an upcoming jewelry collaboration, a new development for the emerging label.

There was plenty to see in this lineup with double-sleeve sweatshirts, as well as new spins on last season’s blazer-hoodie like a trompe-loil hybrid and a trenchcoat with a dress.

Maitrepierre’s technical mastery continues to grow and his work remains compelling, but the collection felt a bit lacking in the thread of narrative that usually pulls it together.

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