Kenneth Ize Went Thrift Store Hunting for his Fall Collection – WWD – Pen 18

Kenneth Ise has a new look. The Nigerian designer is sporting an afro these days, and he said that he is also dressing differently.

That desire for change filtered into her fall collection, designed in New York City, where she explored thrift stores with her stylist Ib Kamara. The result was 70s movies like “Taxi Driver” or “Midnight Cowboy” or what the designer labeled the “dark and dull” energy of the city.

Iss said he asked himself: “What do I really like about this job? How can I advance myself over the next 10, 20 years while doing what I love? And it really It’s just about celebrating how you find things in fashion, and how you move around and what the power of clothing is.”

Iss was also thinking about how Western countries send bales of unwanted clothing to the African continent, and how they could start solving the problem at home. its solution? Adding upcycled clothing to your collection.

This season, her signature plaid fabric was teamed with an electric blue cardigan, and inlaid with leaf-shaped patches. A workwear-style jacket with large front pockets came in a spectrum of lilac and gray stripes, and was paired with purple velvet flares.

The vintage jeans were printed at the crotch or bottom with white Ouroboros, a circular symbol featuring a serpent or dragon eating its tail, which the designer first introduced for fall 2021. The short denim shorts came with a cropped caramel corduroy jacket and zipped black. Leather hotpants with ivory ruffled shirt.

While some outfits had a shabby chic flair – think a beige cricket sweater and beaten jeans – the overall impression was uneven. Unlike a designer such as Marine Serre, who disassembles and reassembles individual items into original designs, Izz has minimally turned up her vintage finds.

The intention to work with recycled fabrics was commendable. Now he just needs to find a way to make them his own.

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