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In case it wasn’t obvious, red seems to be the hottest hair color of the season.

Within the past year, several prominent celebrities have dyed their hair red, particularly a more copper shade. Stars like Kendall Jenner, Sidney Sweeney, Barbie Ferreira, Doja Kat and Zendaya have ditched the usual hair color change of blonde or brunette and opted for a more fiery red.

Celebrity colorist Matt Reese, who has colored the hair of Jenner, Kaia Gerber, Chrissy Teigen, and others, spoke to WWD about why celebrities have been loving this hair color trend lately.

“2022 is all about warmth. I’m pleasantly surprised that everyone is making a big splash and going for the warmth of copper tones, with more orange and gold reflective,” said Rez, who is also Redken’s brand ambassador.

But dyeing your hair red is a trend not just among celebrities but also among people in the TikTok community. Lots of beauty enthusiasts — or those just curious — are testing the color out on their own, too.

“These colors are trending on TikTok with how-to videos, and of course more of my customers are asking for warmer colors these days,” Rez said. “Blondes are open to playing with strawberry tones and brunettes want to either switch to reds or go really hot with their lashes to reflect the red. Hairdressers love to do a nice red hair color. Let’s do it – it’s a fun challenge for us.”

Sweeney, who has traditionally been blonde, shocked many fans last month when she posted her new coppery, strawberry blonde hair on social media. The “Euphoria” star debuted her new style wearing a gray dress by Miu Miu on the red carpet of the Independent Film Spirit Awards in March.

More naturally brunette or dark-haired stars like Jenner, Zendaya and Ferreira also opted for the fiery hair color, with the former showing off her new hair as she walked the Prada runway during Milan Fashion Week in February.

Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka have also added more copper tones to their naturally dark hair over the past year.

According to Rez, Raid seems like a big step forward because it’s “bold” and “a huge change that everyone will notice.”

“I think Lal has already made such a splash this year that we will see different variations of it in 2022,” Rez said. “It’s definitely having a moment and more and more people are getting more adventurous with the trend, I see it going strong for the time being.”

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