infosys: Infosys says ‘non-compete’ will not impact employees from switching jobs

Bangalore: The ‘non-compete’ clause in the employment contracts of Infosys employees is a standard business practice to protect confidential information and will not prevent employees from joining other organizations.

In an emailed statement to ET, the IT services major said, “Employment contracts in many parts of the world incorporate appropriate scope and duration controls to protect confidentiality of information, customer connections and other legitimate business interests as a standard business practice.” It’s practice.” ,

The statement said the conditions have been fully disclosed to all job aspirants before deciding to join Infosys, and to prevent employees from joining other organizations for career growth and aspirations. doesn’t have an effect.

This comes after a Pune-based labor union filed a complaint with the Union labor ministry against Infosys and sought removal of a non-competitive agreement clause in the offer letter given by the country’s second largest software firm.

The company’s employee agreement states that an employee will not accept employment offers from “designated competitors” such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Wipro and HCL Technologies for six months if the new job involves working with a client. with whom the employee has previously worked together in the last 12 months during his tenure at Infosys.

It also said that for six months he should not accept an offer of employment directly from a client with whom he has worked in the last 12 months during his tenure at Infosys. Infosys has cited five companies for IT services employee agreements and nine companies in business process management staff agreements as “designated competitors”.

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