India Diesel: 40,000 MT diesel from India reaches crisis-hit Lanka as it struggles to mitigate power outage

A consignment of 40,000 metric tonnes of diesel from India arrived in Sri Lanka on Saturday, the fourth such aid from New Delhi, to ease a spike in power cuts in the island nation, which is facing an unprecedented economic and energy crisis due to shortages. Used to be. foreign currency. The power cut lasted more than 13 hours on Thursday, the longest since 1996 when the state power unit workers’ strike led to a 72-hour blackout.

Officials from the state fuel arm, Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), said Indian diesel supply would ease the current power cuts. The power cut effective from Saturday is over 8.5 hours.

“More fuel supplied by #India to #Sri Lanka! A consignment of 40,000 MT Diesel under #Indian Assistance through a $500 million credit line handed over by the High Commissioner to Hon’ble Energy Minister Gamini Lokuge in #Colombo. Today,” the Indian High Commission tweeted here.

Sri Lanka declares emergency after violent protests over economic crisis

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has declared a public emergency amid protests over the country’s worst economic crisis. Rajapaksa issued a special gazette notification on Friday, declaring a public emergency in Sri Lanka from April 1. Called their failure to address the worst economic crisis in the island nation.

India recently announced that it will provide USD 1 billion of line of credit to Sri Lanka as part of its financial assistance to tide over the economic crisis following the last $500 billion Line of Credit (LoC) in February. Petroleum products.

“This is the fourth consignment under the LoC. The fuel delivered from #IndianWells to the people of #Sri Lanka in the last 50 days is about 200,000 tonnes,” the High Commission said.

CEB also announced the resumption of power bearing operations at the Keralapitiya Thermal Power Plant after receipt of supplies from LIOC, a Sri Lankan subsidiary of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC). LIOC is to supply 6,000 metric tonnes of diesel to the thermal plant.

Sri Lanka is currently facing the worst economic crisis in history. Long lines for fuel, cooking gas, short supply of essential commodities and prolonged power cuts have caused public unrest in the island nation.

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