How Sheryl Sandberg rose to become Meta’s second-in-command

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed in 2008 that he had hired Sheryl Sandberg, a Google executive, because “he has the most relevant industry experience for Facebook, especially since we need to scale our operations and help them.” There is a need to scale globally.”

Zuckerberg was 23 years old and Sandberg was 38 years old.

Facebook has since become a giant, and Zuckerberg is the same age as Sandberg who hired him. Over the past year, he has renamed his company Meta and started taking the social network in a new direction, known as the ‘Metaverse’. And, as Zuckerberg accepts more of his responsibilities and rebuilds the corporation for his next phase, Sandberg, 52, has become less prominent.

She announced on Thursday that she would be departing Meta in the fall.

A look at his journey from a Harvard graduate to a powerful tech executive:


1995: Completed MBA from Harvard.

1999: Larry becomes Summer’s chief of staff when he is named Treasury Secretary in Bill Clinton’s administration.

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2001: Joins Google as business-unit general manager and takes over the company’s advertising program. She soon became Vice President of Global Online Sales and Operations.

2004: Put in charge of, the for-profit philanthropic arm of Google

2008: Recruited as the first COO of Facebook

2013: Wrote the best-selling book Lean In, which describes some of her own professional experiences.

2015: Her husband Dave Goldberg died unexpectedly.

2016: Sandberg was reportedly on Hillary Clinton’s shortlist for one of two cabinet positions.

2017: Wrote about Goldberg’s death in his book Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy.

2018: Details of the Cambridge Analytica scandal surfaced. Sandberg acknowledged that Facebook was aware of the inappropriate data use in 2015, but did not make it public.

2018: He was summoned to Washington in September to testify about Facebook’s role in Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

2018: Was the subject of a New York Times investigation that highlighted Facebook’s handling of election interference and the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

2022: Sandberg announces she will step down as COO later this year.

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