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Hope Dvorazic Smith is leveraging her experience as a mother of four for her first book.

Former model and founder of skin care brand Mutha Dvorazic Smith is releasing her book “Your Body Is Magic: Wellness Strategies for a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth” on Tuesday to mark International Women’s Day. The book, which took nearly seven years to create, documents everything that Dvorazic Smith has learned from her four pregnancies and births.

“I got pregnant with my first child seven years ago and I became obsessed with pregnancy, but all around the fear of overbirth and giving birth,” she said. “I’ve always been afraid to give birth as a baby. I just thought it was the most frightening thing I’ve ever done, so when I got pregnant after being both an OBGYN and a midwife, I went all the way through the home birth.” I learned a lot and did a deep dive and found this box of all this information that I didn’t want to lose and slowly I started turning it into a book.

Dworaczyk Smith’s book is divided into seven sections, with sections devoted to each trimester, labor and delivery, and the postpartum period. The book provides tips on wellness and mindfulness, as well as advice on nutrition, natural remedies, and fitness.

“I believe most people are taught that doctors make babies and I really believe after my own experiences that it’s really women who make babies and doctors are there for medical intervention. ,” He continued. “I really hate the words, like, ‘The doctor gave birth to my baby,’ because doing so takes away the power from the woman. You create this baby and eventually give birth, but this You’re working. It’s your body and I feel like some of that power has been taken away.”

Dvorazic Smith explained that when she initially viewed the book separately from Mutha, she linked the two to her own pregnancy and birth experiences. The brand’s founder, who is also an esthetician, introduced Mutha to her kitchen for the first time during her first pregnancy, blending raw ingredients to create a balm that would address her stretch marks.

Via word of mouth, Dvorajic Smith’s balm began to grow in popularity among his friends, including Violet Gray founder Cassandra Gray, and eventually switched to Mutha in 2019.

“I just started breaking down the ingredients and finding out what’s naturally high in vitamin A or various vitamins that can prevent stretch marks,” she said. “We’ve seen so much success with our brand that before we were a brand, it was just in my kitchen that I had a huge amount of raw ingredients and I would send all that extra [product] That I was not used to friends and eventually word got out. People were asking for it and it became a cult-favorite before it was actually a brand. ,

Since launching the brand, Mutha has grown into a lineup of 10 products, including deodorant, body contour serum, eye cream, face oil, moisturizer and more. While the brand was established in the pregnancy arena, Dvorajic Smith sees Mutha growing into all aspects of clean skin care.

She also sees the book as the first edition of her “Your Body Is Magic” series. She plans to write more books, such as those focusing on skin care. The book by Dworaczyk Smith is available for purchase on Amazon for $34.95 or as a bundle with Mutha Body Butter and Body Oil on the brand’s website for $199.

When asked what she wants readers to take away from the book, Dvorazic Smith said, “How powerful and magical your body really is and to leave with a sense of empowerment.”

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