Guess Who Makes Her Comeback in Lock Upp After a Verbal Spat With Host Kangana Ranaut – Pen 18

Lock Up Updates: ,Lock Up: Gangster Prison Tyrant Game,’actor Kangana RanautThe daredevil reality show will see new unexpected twists and turns. designer Saisha Shinde, who was recently kicked out of the show, has resurfaced in prison, providing a daily dose of excitement to the show with unexpected plot twists. Sayyeshaa has earned a lot of praise from the audience for speaking about her feelings. After a disagreement with host Kangana over her harsh treatment of guards, she was kicked out of the show. what does saisha bring back on the bus lock up Will be interesting to see.Also Read – Kangana Ranaut’s Purple Sequin Dress From The Latest Episode Of Lock Up Is Tricky, Sexy And Badass… Just Like Her! – View photos

ALTBalaji shared the promo of the upcoming episode on social media where Saisha will return as a jailmate. The caption read, “Surprise surprise! Now this is what we call the return entry! Watch Judgment Day episode streaming tonight at 10:30 PM. Play @lockuppgame now. Also Read – Kangana Ranaut to Papa Joe: The days of your cry have come

take a look at lock upLatest Promo of:

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After his eviction, Sayyeshaa spoke to ETimes about his feud with actress Kangana Ranaut. She said, “I am a very real person who has also appeared in the show. My logic, my anger, my love and my humor were all genuine. In the show, I did not act in anger. To impress Kangana I can neither be angry nor can I gimmick, I can never remember the lion to impress Kangana Ranaut. My anger was genuine at the time as I felt humiliated by the way I was spoken to. Having said that, I should have known that Kangana is the owner of the jail, the host of the show and the person who hired me to work on the show.

He continued, “She owns the show, and upon entering prison, we were all equal, including prisoner, Whatever achievements I have achieved in my life have happened in the outside world. I was a prisoner after I entered, and she was the host/jailer. As a result, I should have respected him and I apologise. I made a big mistake, and I’m still sorry for that. I want to see her laugh because I have always made her smile on judgment day, and I don’t want to leave the show insulting her. ,

What do you think about Saisha’s return to the show? Tell us Watch Lock Up on Alt Balaji and MX Player.

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