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Pran, Sorel Link UP: Sorel and Pran are taking the active earth girl lifestyle to new heights in a collaboration that launched on Thursday.

Pioneering with a bold athletic apparel collection adapted from a palette of ocean and desert colors, the “Wandering Soul” collaboration includes eight pieces, including three footwear styles ranging from $110 to $125 from Sorel and five apparel styles from Prana (multiple colors). in) are included. From $45 to $119. The collaboration is available now on and

Like Prana’s “Wandering Soul Anorak” (71 percent Tencel Modal, 26 percent recycled polyester, 3 percent elastane) and Sorel’s “Roaming Strap Slide” (straps made with 100 percent recycled polyester taffeta and partially recycled EVA footbeds) The products speak to the adventurous spirit – and the purpose of ongoing sustainability – of the brands.

The Prana lineup features recycled polyester and tencel modals in styles such as the color-blocked half-zip anorak, sleeveless tank, high-neck bralette, color-blocked leggings and deep-v racer-back unitards.

“As a brand, we have outlined 13 favorite features that will serve to reduce our impact on the environment or positively impact people,” explained Rachel Kay Lincoln, Prana’s longtime director of sustainability. “We’re proud to share that 100 percent of the styles in our Spring 2022 collection feature one or more of these. This includes the limited-edition ‘Wandering Soul’ five-style collaboration capsule…. Partnership with Sorel Karna has been a wonderful opportunity to collaborate and create an inspiring, beautiful and eco conscious collection.Working with like-minded brands shows that we can do better than ever before and be better than each other in a positive way How can it be affected?

Closing the collection, which is said to be Sorel’s most “sustainably operated” collection to date, with the use of recycled materials and leather alternatives. For example, the “Explorer Blitz” sandal has a plush upper made with a vegan leather option (though the specifics of the material were not clarified), and its strap and tab are made with 100 percent recycled polyester. . The middle outsole contains 20 percent bloom, an algae-biomass-rich material (which is also found in a similar percentage to the sneaker).

Natalie Hayes, Sorel’s Vice President of Brand Marketing, said, “The Sorel x Prana collaboration was inspired by our Sorel spring sneaker and sandal styles by combining the elements of movement and sustainability, which is embodied in Prana apparel.” “This collection celebrates self-expression and the confident movement in a way that we connect with the consumer in a meaningful way.” — Kelly Roshitsho

The latest enduring collaboration from Pran and Sorel.
Courtesy Pran x Sorel

dance ts: Music and fashion have long influenced each other and this cross-pollination has led Italian fashion brands Espaci and Ciao Discoteca Italiana, a website focused on creating posters with quotes taken from famous Italian songs – To create an exclusive capsule collection to bow down to the occasion of the Eurovision Song Contest – the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s in particular. This year it will be held in Turin from May 10 to May 14. For this collaboration, the Italian clothing brand and website were inspired by the idea of ​​a discotheque that brings people and music together.

Apps X Ciao!  discoteca italiana "Il Futuro e Un Miragio" the posters

Apes x Ciao Discoteca Italiana “Il Futuro a Un Miraggio” poster.
courtesy image

The capsule collection includes five white T-shirt styles, with different black letters “Contato (Contact),”, “Emozione (Emotion),”, “Miragio (Mirage),” “Ritmo (Rhythm)” and ” Sala da Ballo (Ballroom).” Each T-shirt plays with words and concepts related to union, closeness, vision and puberty. “Sala da bello” for white tee, also has an acronym in English printed in a small font just below it, with a definition of what the term means: “A nightclub for dancing and singing live Or recorded music often features sophisticated sound systems, elaborate lighting and other effects.”

Aspesi x Ciao!  discoteca italiana "sala da bello" T-shirt

Aspesi x Ciao Discoteca Italiana “Sala da Ballo” T-shirt.
courtesy image

In addition, Espaci and Ciao Discoteca Italiana also worked on the creation of five manifestos, each with a different sentence: “Il futuro e un miraggio” (The future is a mirage), “Ballare lentamente” (Slowly -slow dance), “ritmo moderno” (modern rhythm), “cantato” (contact), “emozione colletiva” (collective spirit). Design refers to various editorial styles from the 60s and 70s, with each artwork or volume having its own title and theme and addressing a specific concept within music and nightlife.

Espaci x Ciao Discoteca Italiana “Ballare Lentamante” Poster
courtesy image

T-shirts have a retail price of 90 euros, while posters cost 30 euros. The capsule collection will be available for purchase from Thursday on Espaci’s official website and will also be available at the brand’s boutique located at Galleria San Federico, 6, in Turin. — Alice Monarchio

Cleaning Soho: While store vacancies still many Manhattan blocks look like unfinished crossword puzzles, developers and landlords are increasingly inclined to welcome pop-ups.

One of the latest examples is a two-month new outpost for South Korean company Lavery, which specializes in natural detergents and stain-removal products. The recent opening of the pop-up marks the launch of the brand in the US

A company dedicated to helping consumers keep clothes in place and buy new seems to be a sign of the times. Well aware of how consumers intend to reduce waste to reduce their environmental impact, Lavery aims to drive longevity and low product turnover.

Located at 120 Wooster Street, the 2,400-square-foot space is Lavery’s first foray into the brick-and-mortar space. The address was previously held by MM LaFleur and is near Tibi and Atelier Beauté Chanel. Practical approaches include a display of bottled detergent and stain removal products and completely white washing machines. According to the company, only plant based ingredients are used.

A wall screen plays a video of blue water swirling. The minimalist setting features a wooden table and chairs, a white bulbous sofa, and armchairs for shoppers as they learn more about the products. Shopkeepers will also get stain remover service at the new location. Alisha Goldstein and her Jane Smith agency handled the creative direction and design of the pop-up.

Beck declined to comment on projected sales, but said a Seoul launch is planned for this summer. Lavery is looking at international expansion in London, Paris and other cities for the next year and beyond, she said, and it is also looking at expanding its retail presence in the US beyond this first pop-up.

The company’s Seoul-based founder Jong Min Baek said via email that part of the appeal of the location was the neighborhood being “a central location” for its customer base. Striving to help extend the lifespan of clothing, Lavery wanted her New York outpost to be near “beautiful, fashionable clothing stores.” — Rosemary Feitelberg

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