Focus is on local digital deals: Conneqt CEO Arjun Ramraju

Pune: A year after completing the acquisition of Conneqt Business Solutions from the Tata Group, Quess Corp has transformed the operations firm into a digital solutions provider.

Arjun Ramaraju, CEO, Connect Business Solutions, told ET, “My aim was to digitize the business and then look at digital IT solutions.

He joined the company from Wipro and has made changes that will allow the company to meet the growing demand for digital transformation projects from Indian enterprises.

“We felt this was an opportunity for us. As Indian enterprises become more global, they are becoming more digital and there is a great need for technology which we will try and take advantage of,” he said.

Over the past year, Conneqt Business Solutions has grown from a data support business to a digital solutions firm. “One of the main reasons for this was to go deeper into the Indian IT sector, where most of the large IT services companies serve customers outside India,” Ramaraju said.

To drive the next phase of growth, Conneqt Business Solutions is putting together a leading technology company that has 200 members, and expects to grow to 2,000 employees over the next 12-18 months. This includes building a digital engineering team that includes content management integration, low code, no code, data analytics and data science as well as a team on automation and robotic process automation.

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Ramaraju said, “We have a strong team on the platform because when you look at how technology is going, people are looking at the modernization of legacy and a lot of it is going to be existing technology platforms and for them It’s working.”

He added that the company will also explore investments in startups to acquire skills or competencies and it could be a partial investment or a mix of acquisitions. The company works with enterprises in sectors such as banking and financial solutions, retail and automobiles, where there is a great demand for customer lifecycle management solutions.

“We have set up new digital competency centers in digital engineering, automation and other areas and started working more with startups,” Ramaraju said.

The company is also focusing on partnerships as a means of growth, and currently has partnerships with 17 companies such as UiPath and Salesforce.

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