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Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James fashion label wants to give customers a head-to-toe look with its newly expanded accessories collection.

The fashion label is launching its first shoe collection on Thursday, as well as expanding its handbag offerings. The Spring Collection takes advantage of the brand’s signature gingham and chambray patterns and bright colors for a 37 piece range that offers sandals, ballet flats, espadrilles, kitten heels and more. There are 16 styles in the handbag collection.

“Reese is a major shoe fan and really that effortless femininity is always present in her shoe choices,” said Katherine Suke, head of design at Draper James. “It’s really about the brand: this idea of ​​color and optimism along with effortless femininity and this idea of ​​being classic, but fun nonetheless. So, it’s really easy to get into shoes with these established aesthetics from the brand.” Was. “

For her first shoe collection, Draper James took on 1990s nostalgia by focusing on ballet flats and espadrilles, the two styles Witherspoon herself regularly wears. The styles reflect the classic femininity of Draper James’ aesthetic and pair well with the styles already introduced in the brand’s apparel offerings. The pieces range in price from $60 to $120 and will be available at Draper Gems stores and on the website, as well as Zappos and Nordstrom.

“Where we really think about versatility in ready-to-wear, the classic nature of feminine dressing with shoes and handbags, we give ourselves room to play a little more in the trend,” Suki continued. “I’ve always considered brands relevant and not trendy, but with shoes we wanted to focus on [to trends] And have a lot of fun, especially with this new concept from the Ballet Flat Espadrille.”

The brand wanted to give its customers a complete head-to-toe look, as shoes were the final category of full looks Draper James had yet to enter.

In addition to apparel, Draper James offers handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, hair accessories and face masks. According to Draper James, shoes and handbags are planned to represent less than 10 percent of the total business in 2022, however, they are categories the brand sees great potential to grow.

Styles from the Draper James shoe collection.
Vinnie Lao / Courtesy of Draper James

Draper James has previously moved into the shoe category through collaborations with major shoe brands such as Keds, M.Jamie and Tretorn, which helped the brand discover what its customers want.

The collaboration is an important part of Draper Gems’ strategy, as it gives the brand the opportunity to reach more customers and experiment with a category they are not familiar with, such as Lands’ End, which Draper Gems first launched in 2020. Team was formed for one. Swimwear Collection.

“The partnership has brought a lot to our brand,” said Erin Moenich, chief executive officer of Draper Gems. “We look at each collaboration differently, but they are wonderful for us in terms of reaching new customers, collaborating with different design teams, and how we can blend the two brands into this.”

Moenich explained that the partnership will continue to be a large part of the Draper Gems strategy as it continues to expand and explore other categories.

Suki and Moenich hope the shoe collection will suit the Draper James customer as the styles can fit seamlessly into their wardrobes.

“She’s someone who really doesn’t shy away from expressing herself with dress and style,” Suke said. “What we do with our line is we really want our girl to be able to express herself through the clothes we make. We want to fit seamlessly into her life and really be part of her life.” Want to capture all aspects.”

Handbag styles from Draper James.
Vinnie Lao / Courtesy of Draper James

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