Devika Returns, Anuj Kapadia Car Meets With Accident But MaAn Fans Are Surprisingly Fine – Pen 18

Anupama 23 March written updateIn the latest episode of : Anupama, the makers hinted at a tragedy when Anuj Kapadia’s car collided with the road and resulted in an accident. However, fans of #MaAn are surprisingly keeping it positive on social media. All the fans are hopeful that Anuj is not injured and reaches the dance hall in time to watch Anupama’s performance. As shown in Wednesday’s episode, while the rest of the family enters the hall to please Anupama at the competition (and some expecting her to fail), Anuj is suddenly called upon to attend a business meeting. Comes.Also read- Anupama to be a web-series with Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey? here’s what we know

When Anuj is driving back from the meeting to reach the venue, his car meets with an accident. The promo of the next episode shows the police at the crash site announcing that it is Anuj Kapadiacar that has been damaged. Police also recovered a body from the spot. However, fans say that it is not Anuj who got injured in the accident but someone else who must be driving his car back. #MaAn fans are still relying on a BTS shared by the makers on social media in which Gaurav Khanna, who plays Anuj in the show, is seen resting inside the same hall where Anupama performing. See how fans are reacting to this entire twist: Also Read – How Anupama’s Sudhanshu Pandey gets trolled for playing Vanraj Shah: ‘They seem to believe…’

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Meanwhile, Devika’s entry has brought something new. Spices and interest in the story. Fans love Anupama’s friend and have been missing her a lot for some time now. Devika comes and kills him as she gives back to both Baa and Vanraj when they are trying to insult Anupama or wish to break up with Anuj.

Your thoughts on the latest twist in Anupama, Do you think Anupama will remain true to her heart and announce that she wants to marry Anuj or will fall prey to the patriarchal mindset of the family? Watch this space for all the latest updates Anupama,

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