covovax: Govt panel recommends inclusion of Covovax in national Covid vaccination drive for those aged 12 and above

NTAGI’s COVID-19 Working Group has recommended Serum Institute’s Kovovax to be included in the national immunization program for people aged 12 years and above, official sources said on Sunday. India’s drug regulator approved Kovovax on December 28 for restricted use in emergency situations in adults and in the 12-17 age group, subject to certain conditions, on March 9.

Sources said the COVID-19 Working Group has now recommended to the Standing Technical Sub-Committee of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) that Kovavax be introduced into the National Immunization Program for people aged 12 years and above. be included in.

Serum Institute of India (SII) Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs Prakash Kumar Singh recently wrote to the Union Health Ministry requesting inclusion of Kovovax in the vaccination campaign.

“A meeting of the NTAGI’s COVID-19 Working Group was held on 1 April, during which data from Kovovax was reviewed, following which it was recommended that the vaccine be introduced into the national COVID-19 May be included in the vaccination program so that people as young as 12 years of age can be vaccinated and above,” said one of the sources.

Singh had said that the Pune-based firm wants to pay Rs 900 per dose plus GST to private hospitals, and is waiting for instructions from the Center to supply the same. However, the cost of the vaccine to the government was not mentioned.

India started immunization of children in the age group of 12-14 from 16 March. The biological E. corbevax is being used to inoculate them.

In a letter to Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan, Singh said private companies, educational institutions, social organisations, central government organizations and public sector undertakings are requesting for Kovovax to vaccinate their employees, families and children. Were.

“Under the visionary leadership of our CEO Adar C Poonawalla, we have developed, manufactured and received Emergency Use Authorization from our National Regulatory Authority for another world-class COVID-19 vaccine, Kovovax, on 28th December for 18 years and above, and on March 9, 2022 for children in the age group of 12 to 17 years,” an official source wrote in the letter to Singh.

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