Cotton Inc.’s ‘Every Piece Pledge’ Aims to Reduce Textile Waste – WWD – Pen 18

As part of the Earth Day Cotton Crusade, Cotton Incorporated is running a campaign to tackle textile waste.

Starting April 22, Cotton Incorporated’s Blue Jeans Go Green program runs its “Every Piece Pledge,” asking shoppers to pledge to recycle every pair of jeans at the end of a pair’s life cycle. Since the program’s inception 16 years ago, Cotton Incorporated has collected more than 4.2 million pieces of denim, continuing its commitment to reducing textile waste. Collectively, this is more than the 1,950 tons saved from landfills.

To take the pledge, shoppers can simply visit the website of the Blue Jeans Go Green program and view instructions for donating their denim goods. From there, shoppers can mail denim by using their Zappos or Amazon account to print a prepaid label to be used at any U.S. UPS store location. The only stipulation is that the denim must be at least 90 percent cotton (and free of hangers, stickers, or plastic).

“Knowing that we are making a difference together to reduce textile waste by recycling authentic denim is really rewarding,” said Andrea Samber, Director of Brand Partnerships at Cotton Incorporated. “The Cottons Every Piece Pledge is designed to inspire shoppers to continue their commitment to recycling every pair of jeans at the end of its life cycle.”

Brands like American Eagle, Frank & Oak, Madewell, Pacsoon and more participate in in-store denim drop-offs year-round or seasonally. After their useful denim life, donated materials find their way through various recycling partners into construction efforts, pet bedding inserts and thermal insulation (in the form of sustainable food or pharmaceutical packaging), and similar insulation.

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