Choose it, love it and use it – that’s customer experience!

What is the one thing that keeps customers coming back for more? cost? Yes. product quality? Sure.

Experience? Definitely.

According to data published in Forbes magazine, 73% of companies with above-average customer experiences outperform their competitors financially. In another consumer study, 96% of respondents said that customer experience is important in choosing a brand loyalty.

Today, the experience is not limited to just buying the product. The entire experience – from gaining expertise to buying a product or service to making a sales or after-sales decision – influences the mindset of the customer. By providing a complete package that includes innovative solutions to identify and address multiple challenges, the customer experience goes up a notch in building and maintaining long-term relationships with customers.

The world of VUCA challenges businesses to transition to remote work, choosing the right cloud strategy, automating business processes and protecting critical data. There is a need to re-imagine the operations and move them forward in a digital-first model at unprecedented speed and scale. But what has been hindering these businesses to make this change quickly? The answer is finding the right skills, addressing the complexity of change, and taking risks while maintaining business continuity in the meantime.

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The Cisco Customer Experience (CX) was launched to help customers connect, secure and automate, to accelerate their digital agility in a cloud-first world. To help convert customers, Cisco has begun to massively transform the look of a business by adopting a software and services subscription model. Going hand-in-hand with sales, Cisco has a team of experts built to drive adoption, support, and upgrade to subscription customer experience software and services. Adapting to the challenges of today, gaining agility for the changes of tomorrow, and innovating to redefine the future are Cisco CX’s mantras for helping customers achieve significant results.

To enable this transformation and enhance the customer experience, Sandeep Arora, who has reigned as VP, CX India and SAARC, Cisco, says, “Our goal is to help you get value from your technology investments. By transforming our operating model and adopt a life-cycle approach For technology consumption, we are accelerating the customer experience.”

Cisco’s life-cycle approach to developing customer experiences is simple. The customer experience journey starts from the moment they choose, use and love a product or service: and comes full circle in choosing the same product or service, which ultimately leads to subscription. Is. The Cisco CX life-cycle approach provides customers with a clear success criteria and options to continue and accelerate innovation and change.

An excellent example of creating an evolving customer experience Westpac’s digital transformationAustralia’s oldest bank. Westpac chose Cisco CX Business Critical Services to create a superior customer experience through digital transformation. This enabled the bank to deliver 10 times the bandwidth at 50% of the previous cost. In addition, there was a 28% increase in application performance across more than 940 branches.

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To enable users to seamlessly and provide flexible solutions for business continuity, subscription-based consumption models will be instrumental in deriving additional lifetime value from existing customers and significantly enhancing their customer experience. Cisco’s Annual Internet Report It suggests that by 2023, about 66% of the world’s population will be powered by the Internet, with each person having at least 3-4 connected devices. Cisco CX will take the lead in supporting organizations with the technology, business insights and global expansion of the digital footprint that will shape the connected future.

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Disclaimer: This article was produced by MediaWire Team on behalf of Cisco Systems.

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