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Toronto — After 18 months of development, Goody cofounders Byron and Dexter Peart are broadening their brand roadmap in 2022, moving forward to expand their socially conscious home and lifestyle marketplace by introducing the slow wear collection – The duo’s first foray into gender neutral ready-to-wear.

Inspired by the idea of ​​slow contemplating and value your time, this initial attempt to create your own genderless sports loungewear represents the first installment of Slow Living at Goody, a larger brand initiative launched by Montreal- based twins will roll out with future drops. ,

Byron and Dexter at Habitat 67, Montreal
Courtesy of Goody

“We designed it with purpose,” said Dexter Pert, who, along with his brother Byron, gained a following by launching former lifestyle brand Want Les Essentials in 2006, followed by the unveiling of Goody in 2019 and a selective online marketplace for design. Goods

Now ethically made in Portugal by a GOTS-certified organic manufacturer, the Slow Wear collection comes out the door featuring a revamp of the brand’s bestselling Goodie Hoodie, which retails for $125 US

Wearable lounge pants, at $100, also anchor the collection, which come in wardrobe-friendly colors such as black, rose Eden, gray melange and quartz.

Each item, from sizes XS to XL, can be worn by both genders.

“The big question was, how can we make it universal?” Dexter Pert told WWD.

“This collection is not just for one man or one woman. He could wear an item one day, that the next. But it created the challenge of creating the perfect fit from the ground up for different body sizes. It took a lot of time and talent to do it,” Pert said. “But it’s a strong genderless proposition and when it’s done well, it’s powerful.”

Canada's Goody launches genderless loungewear collection

Courtesy of Goody

Designed to complement people’s lives, the Slow Wear collection can be worn from the comfort of home, for walking the dog or meeting friends for dinner.

“At its core, it’s easy wear that tells a story,” said Byron Peart, whose continuing collection sports goody’s new Sun logo – a warm yellow-toned symbol created from recycled thread that reflects the brand’s inherent optimism. Is.

“As a whole, it all comes down to slow living and slow meditation on life’s moments as well as bringing more joy into our lives. People can wear this collection through those moments,” he said. said.

“All of these touchpoints change the luxury narrative for us because at Goody we believe the greatest luxury is time,” he told WWD. “But we hope that people will recognize the great value they are getting to create this collection.”

Dexter Peart said, “In five years’ time, we hope to evolve our product line to meet the demands of a large number of buyers and help them make better choices.” Whose new collection is available online throughout North America. “But at this point in our roadmap, we believe that people come to Goody’s knowing that it has worked hard for them to see what fits in with the life they want to live.”

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