BTS J-Hope Tests Covid Positive Ahead of LA Concerts, ARMY Panics And Chants Get Well Soon Hobi – Pen 18

bts army going crazy on social media as a bts member J-Hope aka Jung Ho-Soko Has tested positive for coronavirus. The musician is undergoing treatment and is in self-quarantine. Kpop group agency BIGHIT Music released a detailed statement on Thursday, March 24 about the current state of health of J-Hope, who had previously experienced symptoms such as a sore throat. Taking to Weavers, he shared an announcement that read, “J-Hope presented symptoms of a sore throat and visited a hospital to take a PCR test on Wednesday, March 23 and was diagnosed with COVID-19 this morning.” was diagnosed. J-Hope has completed three rounds of COVID-19 vaccination and is currently not presenting any exceptional symptoms other than a sore throat, and is undergoing treatment at home during quarantine. J-Hope plans to take part in activities next month after the treatment ends at his home.Also Read – BTS Becomes The World’s Top Artist After Recording Huge Growth In The Music Industry

“The company places the artist’s health as our top priority, and we will do everything possible to assist J-Hope in his speedy recovery. We will also diligently cooperate with health care authorities’ requests and guidelines ,” concluded the statement. Also Read – Indian Army Of BTS Screams With Joy As K-Pop Band Performs In India, Check Ticket Prices Here

For those unaware, BTS was expected to travel to the US for BTS’s Grammy performance with J-Hope, which is scheduled for April 4, followed by a BTS concert. Permission to dance on stage: Las Vegas. There are just 10 days left for a K-pop band to perform at the Grammys 2022, and ARMY is panicking over the news whether Hope will be joining their band. Also Read – BTS ARMY Shares Excitement As Permission To Dance On Stage – Tickets For Las Vegas Concerts Sold Out Within Hours

BTS ARMY started the GetWellSoonHobi trend on Twitter and prayed for J-Hope’s speedy recovery.

On Wednesday, J-Hope shared something interesting on his Instagram feed that read J-Hope with a heart sign with his fingers.

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