bjp: BJP is carrier of Hindutva, other parties have taken cover of concept, says Fadnavis

Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday said that while some political parties have taken the cover of Hindutva, the BJP is acting as the “bearer” of the concept. The former Chief Minister was speaking at the release of the Marathi edition of Shantanu Gupta’s book “BJP – Past, Present and Future” translated by Malhar Pandey.

Fadnavis said that Hindutva is not a narrow concept, but it is related to geo-cultural nationalism and Indian way of life.

“Hindutva is not a narrow concept. It is not based on any kind of rituals. Hindutva is linked to geo-cultural nationalism; it is linked to the Indian way of life. It is associated with the people who think they Here (the land) is there. And the BJP is acting as the vehicle of this concept,” the senior BJP leader said.

He claimed that many political parties have taken the guise of Hindutva, but the BJP need not take that kind of disguise.

“We don’t need to disguise ourselves as our Hindutva is in our blood,” Fadnavis said.

He said that BJP will exist for many years or 100 years, but the concept of Hindutva will remain till eternity.

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