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Armani’s new hotel: After Dubai and Milan, an Armani hotel will rise in Diriyah, a 300-year-old site located a 15-minute drive from Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The area is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site At-Turif, recognized as one of the most prominent mud-brick cities in the world, and the valley of Wadi Hanifa and lush palm groves. This will soon include Diriyah Vikas, a pedestrian-centric project inspired by the country’s rich heritage.

Chosen as the Capital of Arab Culture by the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization for 2030, Diriyah will include 13 districts filled with museums, cultural institutions, fine dining, accommodation, hospitality offerings, office space, retail and outdoor attractions .

The project – run by the Diriyah Gate Development Authority, or DGDA – is one of the drivers of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision, which aims to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy and develop public service sectors such as education, infrastructure and tourism.

Giorgio Armani said, “This is a pioneering project that was born out of rediscovering the roots of Saudi Arabia: a dialogue between history and the present that I find very fascinating.”

“After celebrating the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Armani Hotels in Milan and Dubai, I am ready to take on this exciting new challenge. I am inspired by this initiative and delighted to be part of a project of such a wide geographical and cultural scope Am.”

Jerry Injerillo, Group Chief Executive Officer, Diriyah Gate Development Authority, said Armani Hotels’ approach to modern hospitality will “bring a new dynamic to Diriyah’s hospitality offering, and will bring with it an exciting guest experience to the Kingdom.”

Boasting Diriyah’s luxury hospitality and retail quarter, Armani Hotel Diriyah will include 70 rooms, two restaurants and a high-end spa, while the suites will also have their own spa and a swimming pool. The hotel will be joined by 18 distinctive Armani-branded accommodations with spacious interiors and outdoor pools, terraces and terraces.

The hotel is expected to echo the design of the Diriyah development, which will be built in the traditional Najdi architectural style of Saudi villages from past centuries. It will have low-rise, compact architecture, rooftop terrace, decorated doors and large courtyard.

Armani Hotel Diriyah will be developed under the Armani Hotels & Resorts banner, a venture between Giorgio Armani S.p.A. and Dubai-based developer Emaar Properties PJSC which was established in 2005.

The designer’s hotel debut took place in 2010 at Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai. That site has 160 rooms and suites, nine restaurants and a spa as well as 144 luxury residential flats, all furnished with the Armani/Casa Collection.

The following year, the Armani Hotel Milano originally opened in 1937 on Via Manzoni by Enrico A. Griffini in a building designed in the Italian Rationalist style. The building also houses the brand’s megastore and the Armani Nobu restaurant. — Sandra Salibiani

Saunders and Farah: Bianca Saunders, winner of last year’s ANDAM Fashion Award, is giving the collaboration with British menswear label Farah a proper introduction to the market with a screening soiree and revealed a pop-up installation at Selfridge’s menswear floor atrium on Thursday Will go

The capsule, which Saunders described as combining “the nuances of masculinity with influences from my Caribbean heritage,” saw the designer exploring ways to further enhance Farah’s signature cuts and silhouettes with her own techniques.

Bianca Saunders
WWD. for virginity khatib

The extravagant pieces from the capsule include ruched sweaters, notch-neck polo shirts, utility jackets, and a simple white T-shirt that says “love is all that I bring.”

His research for the capsule was mostly conducted in Farah’s own collection, Farah’s own collection, as well as looking at 1970s male subcultures and music – such as Althea and Donna’s 1978 track “Uptown Top Ranking”. , which describes how a Jamaican man would dress himself. When he goes to show the city and used as the title of the collection.

Chris O’Brien, global head of design and concept at Farah, praised how Saunders’ exploration of male identity through style and subculture stands out for the brand.

“Celebrating their Caribbean heritage, a decade of music that inspired many movements with a modern adaptation that still holds true for both brands, is a wonderful collaboration,” he said. — Tianwei Zhang

Steel Honor: Dr. Valerie Steele, Director and Chief Curator of The Museum of Fit, has been named as the recipient of the 2022 National Arts Club Medal of Honor for her achievement in fashion.

Steele is the first fashion historian to receive the honor.

Valerie Steele

Valerie Steele

The club will present him with honors at a reception at the NAC Club House in Gramercy Park on 22 April. The evening will include comments from Ralph Rookie, Daphne Guinness and Robin Givhan, senior critic for The Washington Post.

“A well-known face in our club and throughout New York – the fashion capital of the world – Valerie Steele has spent decades educating audiences on all aspects of fashion,” said NAC President Alice Palmisano. “It is our privilege to recognize his extraordinary insight and expertise.”

Since 1997, Steele has curated or co-curated over 25 exhibitions, including “The Corset: Fashioning the Body”; “Gothic: Dark Glamor”; “Ralph Rookie: The Art of Weightlessness”; “Daphne Guinness”; “A Bizarre History of Fashion”; “Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty Powerful Color,” and “Paris, the Capital of Fashion.”

She is also the author or co-author of more than two dozen books, including “Paris Fashion: A Cultural History,” “Women of Fashion” and “Fetish: Fashion, Sex and Power.”

“Fashion is such a fascinating, multifaceted subject,” said Steele, who holds a Ph.D. in Cultural History from Yale University. “I am grateful to the National Arts Club for this honor. It is always a pleasure to spend time with knowledgeable people who appreciate the cultural importance of fashion.”

Past honorees for fashion have included Geoffrey Beene, Carolina Herrera, Arnold Scasi, Patricia Field, Norma Kamali, Iris Apfel, Narciso Rodriguez and Anna Sui. — Lisa Lockwood

Rock Rabbit: John Richmond and Playboy are teaming up for a capsule that’s heavy on logos and taps into nostalgia for Augs, when both brands were good kids in mind.

Blending the rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic of John Richmond with the pop-tinged and cheeky bent of Playboy, the collection builds on the latter’s signature rabbit-head logo, first introduced in 1953.

Genderless capsules include T-shirts, hoodies, jeans and jean jackets with jacquard, printed or embroidered rabbit motifs. A tangerine tracksuit featured an entirely different logo, while the repetitive pattern appears more subtly as tone-on-tone embellishments on the back pockets of jeans and on denim shorts. Accessories include a hat and shopping bag.

The collection debuted this week and is available on the John Richmond e-commerce site retailing between €130 and €360.

The tie-up speaks to the efforts of both the brands to rejuvenate and enhance their appeal. Earlier this month, John Richmond announced a partnership with cryptocurrency provider Shiba Inu, one of the key players in the blockchain-enhanced ecosystem, for the launch of an NFT-based fashion collection later this year.

A look at the John Richmond and Playboy capsule collection.
Courtesy of John Richmond

For its part, Playboy is trying to move away from its legacy as a human-centered magazine (the print magazine ceased publication at the start of the pandemic after 66 years in circulation) and position itself as a platform for men and women. is rebranding as a consumer lifestyle business.

John Richmond is operated by the Aarav Group, which also controls the Marcobogna and Sylvian Heich brands. The group acquired a controlling stake in 2017 in the fashion house founded by the British designer, who still holds the role of creative director. – Martino Carrera

wonder World: Wonder, the fashion and lifestyle brand started by former Brown, Asos and Topshop buyer Lola Okuiga, is releasing its first collaboration ahead of a retail launch later this year.

The brand has worked with the British graffiti artist and designer known as Insa to create a collection of NXT and physical jackets that will be released on Thursday at 4PM UK time.

Okuyiga, who was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and raised in the UK, founded Wonder two years ago with the aim of “celebrating products and brands”.

Going forward, she plans to “collaborate, collaborate and consult with like-minded brands and artists” and launch an e-commerce site later this year. The site will initially carry Wonder products, and eventually add brands.

Lola Okuyiga is the founder of Wonder, and Brown is a former buyer at Topshop and Asos.

Lola Okuyiga is the founder of Wonder, and Brown is a former buyer at Topshop and Asos.
courtesy image

Okuiga said it wants to focus on “underrepresented audiences and brands” with upcoming collaborations Wonder X Alia and Wonder X ft petrol.

Meanwhile, the online store will be about creating a “luxury and streetwear fashion ecosystem that celebrates Black excellence” and ensuring that underrepresented brands and businesses can “win on all levels.” She seeks to increase “representation and ownership at the highest levels among the global black community and among omnipresent women.”

Asked why he founded Wonder, Okuiga said that after 12 years working in fashion and retail, “I noticed a lack of diversity at the C-suite level, which often saw women and other minorities not being able to hold onto the stakes for equity or ownership.” Without ‘doing’… Wonder was created to authentically fix some of these issues.

“I knew that as a black woman raised in Birmingham, born in Lagos, my filter on the world resonated with a relatively large audience and it gave me the confidence to do it on my own terms, working with brands, retailers And artists understand, in a way, to make amazing product moments happen both digitally and physically,” Okuiga said.

She said that Web 3.0 “really excites me because creatives are being rewarded without having to go through gatekeepers. What’s more, women and marginalized communities can take full ownership of their work and wage and income distribution.” can challenge the inequalities within. I hope Wonder can be an example of what is possible in this region.”

Wonder launched in the Metaverse earlier this month during Metaverse Fashion Week with the Decentraland pop-up. It previewed a selection of drops from the coming season and offered NFTs that act as pre-orders against future physical product drops.

The collaboration with Insa costs £666 for the physical jacket and associated NFTs; And £333 for Digital Jacket/NFT.

In the future, the brand will focus on virtual and physical products, with Okuiga leveraging its background in product design and development. She created one of Topshop’s all-time bestsellers, the super-skinny Joni Jeans style that generated millions in revenue for the retailer, which was sold to Asos last year. — Samantha Conti

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